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Here are some pokemon related downloads I have uploaded to my page!


A sample of the English pokemon show theme!

The music playing right now!

The music on my main page

PokéMon show music without words

Animated Pictures~

If you want any evolution moving gifs of pokemon 1-151 e-mail me and tell me what pokemon you want to see evolve then I will make it and send it to you in under 3 days! (Please only request one per e-mail address per week!) It depends when I see the e-mail and when I get the time to make it!


This is a map of the pokemon world!

If you want any pictures of certain pokemon e-mail me and tell me which one. (a limit of 5 pokemon pictures per week!) It will be in your mail box in about 1-2 days! Thanx.


There will be more coming soon....