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Buy pokemon cards!

   Here is a list of the pokemon cards we are now selling, and below is the order form you can print out! All orders must be sent to the following address:

                                         Ultimate pokemon cards

                                                 P.O. Box 523

                                          Tyngsboro, MA 01879

      If their is a number and a x next to a cards name, that means their is that many of that card in stock.

Ex. 2x Moltres, means their is 2 Moltres in stock.

Rare Holos~

Hypno- $19.00

Dragonite- $12.00

Hitmonlee- $10.00

Muk- $8.00

Raichu- $10.00

Lapras- $8.00

Ditto- $9.00

2x Moltres- $10.00 each, $19.00.00 for both

Rares (non-holo)~

2x Gengar- $5.00

Haunter- $4.00

2x Dragonite- $10.00 each, $18.00 both

Ditto- $7.00

Lapras- $6.00

Muk- $6.00

Hitmonlee- $8.00

3x Kabutops- $8.00 each, $15.00 for two, and $22.00 for all three

Moltres- $8.00

Hypno- $7.00

Raichu- $8.00

3x Zapdos- $8.00 each, $15.00 for two, and $22.00 for three

Aerodactyl- $10.00

2x Articuno- $18.00 each, $15.00 for both

Magneton- $9.00


All uncommons are available for .50 cents. We currently have all the uncommons in stock so there isn't a list of them. If you do want a list just e-mail me. If we happen to start running low on a certain uncommon card, it will be posted on the page.


All the same as the uncommons except the commons go for .25 cents each. If you want a list e-mail me.


Gambler- $1.00

Recycle- $1.00

Energy Search- $1.50

Mr.Fugi- $2.00

Mysterious Fossil- $1.00

We have plenty of trainers in stock too!

That completes the list of the cards we currently have in stock. If you e-mail me and we have just currently sold a card that you request I will notify you. To get a order form just click here. DO NOT FILL OUT THE ORDER FORM UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION FROM A PARENTAL FIGURE!

*We guarantee all our cards to be real and we will never send any fake pokemon cards. We also guarantee that we WILL ship out your orders and their is no need to worry about not getting your order! Our last concern is having to go to court for any thing like that. =)

    Thank you and have a nice day.