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Trax-On-Wax is on the Net!!!

Click on one of the links below to listen to my top 8 @ 8 anytime. 

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What types of urban or Hop Hop would you like to hear more of on Trax-On-Wax?
More Indi Canadian & Local Content
More radio friendly trax from such artists such as JaRule, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Nelly etc...
More Ol' Skool such as A Tribe Called Quest, NWA or Ice T
Some house or Hi NRG
More info on Hip Hop Music and the people who behind the scenes or out in front
A top 5 countdown of the week
Longer time slot ( 3, 4 5, even 10 hours)
A diffferent time of the week (maybe during the middle of the week)
A featuring of the show that would air a 20 - half hour mix tape from a local DJ
A possible move to a stronger signal or station for better c overage of the St. John's area


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Here is how to Contact DJ Trax



The Request Line is (709) 737-7935 or 737-4777 from 7 til 9 PM Saturdays*


*please not thatall times on this site are listed in Newfoundland Time (-3:30 GMT) or (+1:30 EST)

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Soon to be added is the year end countdown.  And some major changes to the look of the website.  Check back soon and check back often!

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