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Playlist for Trax-On-Wax

For Saturday May 17th, 2003

The show airs between 7-9pm on 93.5 CHMR

with Host


* Please note that tracks listed on this playlist may not be aired in the exact order that they appear on this list.

  Artist/Group/DJ Track Requested?(r)
  Akrobatik Hypocrite  
  Classified Unexpected  
  Swollen Members Long Way Down  
  Beanie Segal Rock the Mic  
  LL Cool J introducing Kandice Love Amazin'  
  Cadillac Thi I Got cha Ma  
  Clipse Grindin'  
  Snoop Dogg Girls Girls Girls  
  Ludacris Saturday  
  In Essence I E  
  Foxy Brown Oh Yeah  
  Coolio Gangsta's Paridse (r)
  Redman Let's Get Dirty  
  Notorious B.I.G. Juicy (r)
  2Pac Live and Die in LA (r)
  2Pac Runnin' The Streets (r)
  Snoop Dogg Beautiful (r)
  50 Cent 21 Questions (r)
  Ghetto Concept Rest In Peace  
  Shawn Desman Shook remix  
  Eminem Run Rabbit Run  
  Diplomats Dipset Anthem  
  Jay-Z Stop  
  R. Kelly with Jaz-Z Fiesta Remix  


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