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Playlist for Trax-On-Wax

For Wednesday August 21, 2002

The show airs between 7-9pm


93.5 CHMR

with Host


1.  Ghetto Concept-Too Much

2.  Rascalz-Crazy World

3.  Eve-Gangsta Lovin'

4.  Choclair-Light It Up

5.  N.O.R.E.-Nothin'

6.  Brandy-Full Moon (remix with Fat Joe)

7.  Arrested Developement-Everyday People

8.  Big Tymers-Still Fly

9.  Snow-Informer

10 Maestra-Let Your Backbone Slide

11.BG-Bling Bling

12. Swollen Members-Fuel Injected

13. JT Money-Who dat

14. Buju Banton-Twice My Age

15. Eminem-My Dads Gone Crazy

16. Clipse-Grindin'

17. Biggie-Hail Mary

18. N' Sync with Nelly-Girlfriend

19. LL Cool J-Mama Said Knock You Out

20. Mario-Just A Friend 2002 (remix)

21. Po' Folks-Nappy Roots

22. DMX-Party Up In Here

23. Baby Blue Sound Crew with Julie Brown-The Day Before

24. Glenn Lewis-Only Be In Love

25. Nelly Fratado-Turn Off The Light (timberland remix)

26. Rascalz-Northern Touch



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