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Pics Page

This is me

The MCR Main Board


The monitor is displaying the Media Touch Interface.  This allows the DJ to access in-house produced programs, PSA's, Promo's, Music, and lots of other stuff.  The pic below is a close up on the Master Control Board.  It  looks quite complicated, but is easier to operate than most VCR's as long as the DJ remembers to just use the buttons the way they are supposed to be used.


A wide angel view of me.


Me last Saturday





This is the production Room where we do our preproduction work to.

These next 3 are of THEMASSIVEONE who is the host of "The Power of the Beat"-a weekly show featuring the best in Euro, Trance/ Hardcore and anything else that can make you move!  The show airs from 9 to 11 pm on Saturday nights.  Right after Trax-On-Wax






The CHMR Library is where much of my music comes from.  A great source for Canadian Hip Hop!  The rest of the music that I use is from ERG Canada.


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