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Destroy the Armored Mainframes

These Mainframes are different than others u have seen in the game, u cannot destroy them with a gun, they are armored and u need some kind of explosive. I recommend Remote Mines, But you don't start off with any mines in your inventory, however, there is a box of mines in the early stage of the level. See the map for directions on getting these mines. There are 8 mines in the box, and there are 6 mainframes. Do not waste these mines. Put 1 mine on each of the computers. I recommend not blowing them up until you have mines on all the computers. Make sure u put the mine on the mainframe itself to be sure that it will be destroyed after you detonate the mines. The last mainframe is behind bullet proof glass, just put the mine on the glass and it will destroy the mainframe. If you run out of mines for some reason, try using a grenade. Hopefully See the map for directions on finding all the mainframes. Hopefully you will not have to use grenades, but if u do, make sure they do not bounce back and hit you. When you detonate, if it doesn't say mission complete, you must of missed a mainframe or didn't put a mine on it correctly.