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Pre-NHL Finnish Flash playing in Canada Cup '91

Rookie Jet, Teemu Selanne

Warming up
Super Rookie
Flying Finn
Jets #13
Finnish Star, Selanne #13
Teemu Selanne
First All-Star Game in Montreal
Illustion of his slapshot
Selanne shoots!
Neat pic of Teemu
Finnish Jet in NHL action
No. 13
Jets' Selanne
Best NHL Rookie, Teemu Selanne!
Teemu in the NHL playoff action
Practice shot
Selanne cheering
Teemu playing
Goal Leaders, Selanne and Mogilny
Teemu is ready!
Selanne on rush!

Cool pic of Selanne
Selanne wearing number 13
Jets #13
Selanne #13 on the prowl!
Teemu wearing A
Flyin' Selanne
Drawing of Teemu Selanne
Northern Light
Roll over your eyes!

Teemu Selanne at Practice
Jets #8 Selanne wearing the letter "A"
Teemu Selanne of Winnipeg Jets
McDonalds card of Teemu
Playing Card of Jets' Teemu Selanne
Teemu Selanne Battling with Dave Babych
Jets #8, Finnish Flash
Wearing Jets' home jersey #8 with "A"
Playing a road game
Waiting for the puck.
Selanne's office
Selanne with the Finnish national team
Coolest guy ever play on ice, Teemu Selanne

Selanne card from McDonalds
Selanne #8 playing for the Jets
This card sucks
All Stars; Gretzky, Sakic, and Selanne
Mighty Ducks RW Teemu Selanne
Ducks' Selanne attempts to pass the puck
Selanne, a new Duck
Ducks' Selanne slapshots
#8 Selanne of the Mighty Ducks
Sporting the excient Ducks' 3rd jersey
MVP Teemu Selanne
Cool design
Look out! Selanne on Loose
Teemu Selanne in third jersey

Playing Card of Ducks' Teemu Selanne
Old Ducks' 3rd jersey
Selanne sporting the famous A for the Ducks
Captain Selanne
Ducks' #8 Selanne
Teemu of the Mighty Ducks
Strenching a leg
Battling for the puck
Mr. Selanne
Capt. Selanne passing
Teemu behind the net

Captain Selanne on Loose!
Dig that C!
Huh? How come he isn't wearing a letter?
Finnish Flash in action
Ready for a shift.
Sporting his usual "A"
Coin in card
Selanne using cruise control
Selanne looks on
Smooth Selanne
Captain Flash
Teemu handles the puck
National Treasure
Dynamic Finn
Selanne head with cartoon body

Finnish Flash
Speedy Selanne
Wearing new 1xel visor
Teemu in Ducks' road 3rd jersey
Waiting for a pass
Teemu Sporting the Ducks' home 3rd jersey
Colorful Design
Finnish Sniper
Teemu Selanne