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Welcome to Steroids Online !

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UPDATES 9-10-01

Hello People...



all back orders are being ship this everybody that ordered from me and have NOT received their products you guys can expect them for the end of this week and begenin of next week....i am sorry for the delay...but everything is back to normal now...i ask everybody to forgive me for the delay...i know some people lost their patience already...i DIDNT and i WONT scam nobody...everything is being ship this week..once sorry...everything is back to normal now...

Thanks !

UPDATES 8-20-01

Hello Everybody,

I would like to let everybody knows how the shipping  procced will be after today...all my products come from another country....orders placed with me will take 5 days if everything is in stock or 1-3 weeks if not in stock....i added a few more products.. HGC, Equipose and Clenbuterol. One more thing i hate the fact that i have to change email address again .but im havin problems with operamail. my new email is if you sent me an email in the past days please resend it to the new email.


UPDATES 8-15-01

Hello Everybody,

I would like to apologize to everybody...i've been so busy this couple of week trying to set everything up again...i was doing this with a partner but now im doing alone...i had to mail all the others that he didn't do.. i had all my products sized by customs...and im gettin them back next week...people are saying that i am a scammer...i want to let everybdoy know that ...that is NOT TRUE...and i can prove to anyone that needs to make sure....all the orders placed on july will be sent out asap...its havin this delay because my products got sized...i just want to let everybody that ordered from me and didn't receive their package yet that they will receive and I PROMISSE that....


Once again im sorry for all this !




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