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Hunting Stories

This section of my site is to let people know about the pleasures of hunting as well as the dangers.

One day(in september 2000) two of my friends(Chris and John),while bird hunting,sat down for a cigarette on the river bed shown above(white flag). They noticed a moose hunter across the river next to the white cabin(as can be seen above{200 yards}).After watching the man look at them with binoculars and going back in the cabin they continued to stay and rest on the rocky ground. Minutes later a gun shot off. The next thing chris knew , he had been shot. The moose hunter was using a 270ca. rifle(with a scope) which cause some serious damage. The femur bone in his leg was completely shatterd along with some other damages caused by flying bone fragments. John Immediatly cried out to the other hunter who ran back to the cabin and called medical assistance. It took several hours to get chris to a hospital where he was treated and transfered for surgery. Below you can see a picture of chris' leg after his first surgery.

Chris has had plenty of surgerys since then and is still recovering. Nobody yet knows why the man aimed and shot at my friends. Maybe he mistook the two for a moose,or went target practicing thinking they were a log. This is why you should always be sure of your target and everything around it. The man was charged with negligence but pled not guilty. The court has not started yet.


These Pictures are of a halibut caught in the town of Lapoile by fishermen Gord Chant and brother Craig Chant. It weighed in at 287lbs

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