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Ethiopian Occupation Of Ogaden Region !!!!!! Ethiopian Occupation Of Ogaden Region !!!!!!





The history of the Somali Ogaden is often associated with a dark picture of war disaster, drought and famine.

But to be able to understand why this particular area of the Somali Ogaden Region is condemned to this destitute environmental, one need to look at the history of the Ogaden Region from a colonial perspective.

The root causes of the past, present and the future conflicts in the Ogaden can be entirely blamed on the European colonial designs and the legacy they left behind. In particular the inhuman division of the Somali Nation.

The Somali Nation had no power to resist these influences and was subjected to agreement favorable to the Europeans. These agreements was one sided and favored the colonized powers.

for example, The Ogaden Somalis have had several agreements with the British Empire, consequently, in 1896 an agreement was signed between the OGADEN CHIEF and her majesty the queen of the British Empire, Queen Victoria.

The agreement: " I Ahmed Murgan (Magan), Chief of the Ogaden , do hereby place myself, my people, and the country, with its dependants, under the protection of Britannic Majesty the Queen, and hereby declare and I will not, nor shall my successor nor any of my people cede, or alienate any portion of my territories or dependencies, or make any foreign state or person, without the previous knowledge and sanction of her Majesty's Governmnet."( reproduced in FitzGibbon, 1985, page 18 ).

It came as a surprise and petrayal to the Somali Ogaden WHEN THE British handed over their country to the Abyssinian (Ethiopia), secretly without consulting the OGADEN people. The abyssinian then come with force and occupied the Country.

The custodians (Britain) gave them away, bit by bit, to the Centuries old Enemies of the Somalis, to none other than the Abyssinians!!! It was an Injustice on a vast scale and led to all the travail to which we have previously refereed.

The Ogaden people, who know their rights, never accepted the annexation of the Ethiopians and betrayal by the British. That the OGADEN problem has been, and still is, the central cause of the Horn of Africa Conflict.

The Somali people in the Ogaden have been waging an armed struggle with successive Ethiopian regimes over the centuries to achieve self-determination and peace.

during these wars many lives were lost in both sides. people suffered severely under the occupying Ethiopian forces and still do.

Most of the blame therefor lies with the British Government who betrayed the Somali ogaden people in the first place.

as the world war draw close, the Ogaden continued under British administration. In 1946 Mr. Ernesr Bevin, The British foriegn secretary, proposed to the Council of Ministers of the four power Conference.

The Somali Nation should be put together as a trust territory. However, the cold war political differences rejected the proposal. The Four Power Commission comprised the Britain, USA, USSR, France.

On 24 September 1948 Britain acted unilaterally, and handed over to Ethiopia once again the Ogaden Region.

Despite the renewed and better opposition of the people who expressed themeselves in riots throughout the country.

In many towns these up rising were ruthlessly put down. the Ethiopian soldiers shoot and kill 87 people. However, Britain's Generosity to Ethiopia continued and in 1954-1955 Britain compeleted hand over the remaining portion of the Ogaden Region.

The effort was frustrated by Britain, although that Britain and Italy recognized the resulting follow of the Refugees.

the forerunners of today's massive exodus. This was the final act of the British Government betrayal and it is not at all surprising that today Somalis, without rancor, blame Britain for much of their troubles in that their land was illegally and secretly handed over to their traditional enemy. the cost inhuman misery is incalculable.

Within this scenario of suffering lies the Ogaden, and a Solution must be found, for unless it is , the whole edifice of the Horn of Africa must tumble down and lies in ruins so, Today we address a subject of enormous imporatnce , it was the BBC Television Camera that exposed to the world the tragedy in the Ogaden people.

The Ogaden people are facing all kinds of tragedies and are being wiped- out at the hands of Evil Ethiopian Armies.

The reasons are not drought and famine as you are led to believe, but by the policies of the Minority Tigree ragime towards the people of the Ogaden Since 1994.

At that time the people of the Ogaden have unanimously voted to conduct a referendum for their self-determination.

The response of Ethiopian Government has been mass killings and other attrocities, while spending millions of dollars to create puppet organizations and propaganda to prosecute and humiliate the people of the ogaden.

The resistance of the people to such actions has been greatly ignored by the international community.

The international community are fearing that giving assisstance to Ethiopia will simply ease the costof fighting the border war which has claimed thousands of lives it is absuletly true.

Clare Short,(MP) The International Development Secretary, hit back at accusations from irresponsible governmnet of Ethiopia thar Britain's PLEDGE OF 2.4 MILLION was not sufficient,

She said that the Authorities in Addis-Ababa should stop wasting valuable resource on fighting "people should never be made to pay for their governments devoting resources to war also she said the international community should put increased pressure on the governments of Ethiopia to make peace and put all the resource into helping the hungry".

she is right theire would be no famine if there was responsible government they spend all the money on Tanks, planes, guns and lates war machines to kill innocent people of OGADEN Region and to attack the noughbering countries.

The Tigree Regime in Ethiopia wants to mislead the international community by saying that the rebel OGADEN NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT (ONLF)are attacking aid workers and the aid itself.

this is untrue and they want all the aid is go direct to ethiopian government to use to conduct war against Eriteria and continue to suppress internal opposition and uprising of the Ogaden people who are fighting for their self-determination.

1) We are calling on the international community to send a fact finding mission to the Ogaden Region to investigate and expose the truth and bring the culprits to justice for the Crimes against humanity under international Law.

Currently 110 innocent children and woman and old people are dying daily in Goday, Dhenan, Fiiq, Qabri-dahare, Iimey while the rest of the district of the region, which are off-limits to visiting journalists, NGO's and diplomats, are facing an even greater catastrophe.

2) We call the internationl communities to send observers and the international Media to, Nogob, Dollo, Dhagaxbur etc, which are all in the ogaden region and expose the mass starvation and death of thousands of innocent people.

3) We urge the international community to act to stop the human disaster in the Ogaden Region. to protect the people, and give them a chance to decide their destiny and their desire for self-determination.

the emergency food aid and medicines that is being sent to the Ogaden Region should be given directly to the people of Ogaden under the Humanitarian Agencies not through the Tigrey regime who are the creators of this human disaster.

freedom is the base fo the human life