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WHY FIRE IN OGADEN REGION. There has been a grave injustice which has brought a hundered years of torment and death, and yet somehow the Ethiopian Colonialists have escaped the universal censure which they deserve, not only for the past misdeeds but for the aggression which continues at the present time. Unlike the Ethiopians, the Somalis are not Expert propagandists.( Quote The Betrayal Of The Somalis Writen by Louis Fitzgibbon) supporter Self-determination of the Ogaden People..

OGADENIA..Is arid upland in south eastern Ethiopia bordered on the north and east by somalia the ogaden population is primarily somali, a muslim people under EVIL ETHIOPIAN COLONY. the region was occupied by ethiopia 1n 1891 and in 1936 was incorporated in the colony of Italian Somali land.

In 1941 it was occupied by British, who returned to Ethiopia without consent of ogadenian people who are right full owners of this land in 1948. Since 1960s Somalia was disputed Ethiopia's claim to OGADEN and liberated the OGADEN REGION in 1977-1978.

The Soviet union and Cuba started a massive airlift to Ethiopia about 61,000 tons of latest war machinery, where transported to Evil Ethiopia there are also 60,000 Russia and Cuba compat units deployed to Ogaden Land to help the weak Ethiopian army to cutch back the Ogadenia Region.

The somalia military was defeated which is disaster for Ogadenian people All people have the right of self-determination. One day Ogadenian people they will get their FREEDOM. Insha'allah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!