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The Only Yamaha 600cc Odyssey

Out There

It all started when my brother purchased this 1985 Odyssey, which had no motor in it. After looking around for a motor that would be adaptable to the Odyssey, we came across a 1986 600cc YAMAHA RADIAN street bike. We measured the size of the engine and came to a conclusion that the design of this motor would be adaptable to the Odyssey. The first thing that needed to be done was to design some motor mounts. After trying different things, my brother decided to cut the frame of the bike and weld it to the Odyssey's frame. Since the space was very limited, we had to iliminate the tranfer case (FWD,NTR,REV). My brother designed a new reverse system using a ATV winch wich works on the main sprocket of the motor. My brother, being a machinist, has designed a new main driving shaft. He also designed a jack shaft, since we could not align the two sprockets together(frame was in the way). By putting different sizes of sprockets on this jack shaft, it gave us the opportunity to reduce the speed from 120MPH to 90MPH wich is fast enough sitting in this little thing. Most of the parts including the frame was sand blasted and then painted their original colours to make it look as stock as possible.

Tim Allen eat your heart out

These are some of the changes made to the Odyssey

A) New shocks were added to increase the travel by 3 inches

B) New reverse system, works on the main sprocket on the motor

C) Original brake caliper of the street bike and a brake disk of a snowmobile

D) Mount to hold the new flange bearings for

E) New stoppers were added, to absorb the new level of tork when turning at high speed

F) Jack shaft (machined on a lathe)

G) Two new pillow block bearings

H) New larger universal joints were installed to adapt higher torque level

I) Main shaft (machined on a lathe)

J) Polaris snowmobile gas tank

K) Modified air box

L) Battery case

M) Oil and neutral light

N) Winch (reverse) switch

O) Lever for engaging the winch to the sprocket of the motor

Here is a sound sample of the 600cc Odyssey