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Rock Fever 2000
July 8th, 2000- Memorial Stadium, St. John’s, Newfoundland
My Moffatt Concert Experience

Well I awoke on the morning of July 8th, feeling very excited, yet also unaware of the invigorating evening I was about to encounter. My friend Jen and myself, went down to the stadium around 6:00- the doors were supposed to open at 6:30 and the concert was supposed to begin at 7:30. We waited in the car for a while because Scott came on our local radio station OZFM and was doing an interview and talking about the upcoming concert, which was like in an hour! Well we got out of the car and waited on the line to enter. After a while I saw a big green van approaching. In my head I thought, “hmmm…could that be The Moffatts inside?” I looked and I only saw a man driving and another man next to him, who resembled Frank but I’m not 100% sure, but there was “no one” in the back. Then all of a sudden I saw a spiky head stick up out from under the seat. It was Clint. They were all ducking so ppl wouldn’t attack the van. Smart. Well Jen and me didn’t say anything cuz we didn’t want to make a scene. Well we eventually got into the stadium and found our seats and met up with the rest of our friends that were going. 3rd row. They rocked.

First up was a group called Pacific Rim. They were ok, I guess. Actually I thought they sucked but that’s cuz I’m not a big fan of “chick bands”, but I met them after the show and they are very nice. Next up were McMaster and James. The san all their hit singles and other songs from their album. They rocked the house. Then, of course were THE MOFFATTS. First of all though, during McMaster and James there started to form a kind of mosh pit between the first row seats and the barrier thing. Of course, I joined in and managed to get to the first row of that. After they performed some guy came out who had a cool accent and told us that we all had to go back to our seats cuz something like this happened to The Moffatts while they were performing in Australia and some girl got hurt. So we all went back to our seats but I wasn’t that bummed cuz my seat still rocked. While they were preparing the stage for the guys, Frank came out and set up some stuff and then everything was prepared.

Then, They came out in their high and glory. Well Bob came out with no top on and that was the last I seen of him cuz his drums were up really high and towards the back. Then Clint came out, wearing a cool kind of 70’s orange shirt thingy, Scott with a casual red and while baseball tee and major “bedhead”- but it looked cool, and Dave with just a plain while top on. They started off singing the new single “Bang Bang Boom” and I think I was the only one who knew the words, thanks to Napster. This was around 9:30, the show was running late, and they were on for a bit over an hour. They sang songs from the upcoming album, Submodalities. Like, “Just another phase”, “Call a doctor”, “Antifreeze and aeroplanes”, “Spy” and some others I can’t remember the names. They also sang “Misery”, “I’ll be there for you”, “Girl of my dreams”, “Miss you like crazy”, “If life is so short” and “Until you loved me”, from Chapter 1. These songs puzzled me cuz instead of Scott singing leads in the songs, Clint did! It was weird and sounded different but it still rocked. Maybe Scott’s voice was shafted or something but he did manage to sing “Misery”. They also san a cover of “Sweet home Alabama”. It was cool.

Halfway through Scott said something like, “Now St. John’s, we have something very special for you. Clint is going to sing a love song to all you very beautiful, beautiful, beautiful ladies.” Then he said something like “I was talking to Clint backstage and he told me he was looking for a girlfriend. But, not just any girlfriend. ONE FROM ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND!” Then Clint sang his song and the show continued. They did leave half way though, I noticed they did that a lot, and left Bob there and he did some drum solos and started throwing out drum sticks (I didn’t get one :(

The concert went on and I had lots of fun. At the end Scott said “We’ll be back” and then they all left and the audience all left too, but me, being the extremely dense person I am, stayed in my seat. The whole stadium cleared out and Jen was like “Sue, what are you dong? Aren’t we going to leave?” I was like “…but they said they’d be back!” then I realized that they meant some other time and not that night. We hung around the stadium for a bit and Frank and some stage ppl came back out and were throwing out drum sticks, water bottles, the song lists, and their sweaty towels (Yuck :P) I didn’t get anything :( I finally left, all precious memories in tack. My only regret? I didn’t bring a camera- but, I managed to get some pics. You can see them all here