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Latest News

November 8th, 2001
AHH! No updates in a loooong while. As I'm sure you all know, is closing down on December 1st and the Moffatts are breaking up. I, too, have been busy and not a lot of time and effort has been going into this site lately. I still really want to keep it up and I will try and update as much as possible, but not as much as I used to. Whenever new news is presented, I will update. Until then, take care and Keep the Moffatt pride alive!!!!

Band hiatus
Well you must have hear by now about the band's "break". Dave's off to Australia and the other guys are also taking a break. For more info, go to Lucky Stars

New song titles
Here are the titles for some of the songs you'll hear if you see the band live this summer. These songs are probably what we'll see on the new album.

*I've Been Thinking
*Sip of the Sun
*When the Morning Comes
*But I'm Fine
*There's the Door
*Fall is Almost Here
*It's Not Words
*Time's on my Side
*How Does it Feel