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Here's a little about me, the webmistress. Enjoy :)

Name: Susan
Date of birth: October 27th, 1984 (if you suck at math, that makes me 16 years old)
Location: St. John's, Nf, Canada
Fav sport: soccer
Fav TV shows: "Dawson's Creek", "Friends", "Survivor", "Passions", "Days"...
Fav school subject: Like that's possible! um...well I'd say phys. ed :P and chemistry is cool too.
Fav bands/artists: Moffatts, Nirvana, Creed, Silverchair, Britney Spears, Lenny Kravitz
Fav song on Chapter 1: "Misery" and "Over the Rainbow"
Fav song on Submodalities: "Antifreeze and aeroplanes" and "Just another phase"

FAQ (frequently asked questions);

Q: Are you any of The Moffatts or have any special "connections" to them?
A: Sorry, NO. Please don't send me any mail meant for them.

Q: Have you ever met The Moffatts?
A: No, but I have seen them in concert. You can read my review here

Q: Why do you like The Moffatts?
A: I like their music. Sure, they aren't bad to look at, but's it's their MUSIC that counts.

Q: How much HTML do you know? Can you help me with my site?
A: Ok, I don't know a lot but if you ask I will be more than glad to help you with your site. Just E-mail me