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HORSE the Band

Erik, Adam, Guy, Nathan, David

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ADAM CROOK : ARSON 13 - Singing, Yelling, Screaming, the Hate.
Adam used to sing to our beautiful melodies. One day he unleashed the fury of Arson 13 onto the world. A nearby man asked what vocal effect the Arson uses, he uses none. Now he can make neat noises. He is by far one of the most robust, intense, and emotional screamers in the hardcore scene. One day when the horse overcomes him he will burst into flames in the most emo climax ever. This year Adam is going to try to expand his lung capacity so that he can scream for 20 seconds straight.

DAVID ISEN : MAVEN JONES - Lead Guitar, Background Vocals, Backup Screaming like 7 broken accordions, Throw Up and Spit in Erik's face.
David is the driving force behind HORSE the band and sometimes when he plays he puts a "driving force" behind his guitar. David writes the majority of HORSE the band songs. He is known to be an automaton and writes songs showcasing his frustration at this aspect of himself when he fails to ask girls out. When overcome by the horse, he turns into Maven Jones, a wistful robot lured by the desire for sexual gratification. He moans and moves infrequently, especially if playing his guitar at the time of possession. Obsessed with music theory, David randomly bleeps the melodic minor and dimished scales out of his guitar. This year his aspiration is to learn the wholetone scale and its intricacies.

ERIK ENGSTROM : YOUR MOM- Keyboard, Rhythm Guitar, Piano, Background Vocals, Being retarded, and Screaming at the Threshold of Pain.
Erik plays keyboard in half the songs and guitar in the other half. He has composed a symphony on the piano but refuses to play the parts on the keyboard because it "loses its ghostly sound". Erik thinks a ghost lives in his piano. It gives him chills. When overcome by the horse, Erik turns into Your Mom, an insane chirping drooling person with ADDDDDDDDDD. It is funny, except when he breaks his keyboards. Erik has decided that instead of getting good at one instrument, he wants to moderately suck at as many as possible. That is why he learned guitar last year. His scream is higher than most girl's screams. Erik writes the minority of HORSE the band songs and he made this webpage.

NATHAN WINNEKE : BEEFSORE - Bass, Philosohpy, and raging tantrums of ape-like madness.
Nathan/Jeff the Taoist Uber-Monkey used to be in a band called Beefsore. But now he is in HORSE the band. Erik met Nathan at Barebones, the store where they work. They found they shared the common interest of breaking things in the store. A friendship was immediately forged. Nathan used to play drums for us, but then Karuza came back, so now he plays bass. He is very good, and when he transforms in BEEFSORE, you can witness him performing the one-legged hop dance and the flight of the wounded locust.

JASON KARUZA : KARUZA - Drums, Percussions, Master of all knowledge related to the musical field.
Jason was the original drummer for HORSE. When he went off to college, Nathan took his place. but now he is back, and HORSE never sounded better. His insane double bass drumming along with his ability to decipher Dave and Erik's absurd descriptions of drum beats makes him one of the best drummers around. He is the most eduacted muscian in the band with years of training behind his belt.