HORSE the Members


ADAM CROOK (A Damn Crook) - Singing.
Adam sings to our beautiful melodies. Sometimes he is shy but he is getting better at singing all the time. Adam used to offset Risto's screaming, but now he is taking on full vocal duties. He can make neat sounds.

JASON KARUZA (Karuza) - EX Drums and other Noise Making Things.
Jason plays drums for us. He is the most musically talented in the band. Often he spouts random words of music theory like "rudiments", "key", "musical note", and "sound" and no one knows what he is talking about. And now he will be in Europe this summer, calling the future of HORSE into question.

JASON ROBERT (Robert or Hoss) - Shrieking Banshee.
Jason used to play the bass. He hated it and he never practiced and everyone got mad at him. Now he just dresses up as a woman and terrorizes the audience and protects HORSE the band from invading rival bands.

DAVID ISEN (Mave) - Guitar.
David is the driving force behind Horse and sometimes when he plays he puts a "driving force" behind his guitar. He organizes practices and writes almost all of our songs.

ERIK ENGSTROM (Your Mom) - Keyboard and being retarded.
Erik plays the keyboards in the band. Most of the time he makes up his own parts, but he is rarely available for practice because of Kelly which in turn angers David. Erik made this web page. Hmmm, Erik obviously does a poor job of upkeeping the webpage since his bio information is embarassingly outdated. Erik plays the guitar sometimes now too.

RISTO METSO (Risto) - Screaming, or Throat.
Risto is from Finland. They have a big hardcore scene there and he knows how to yell very very loud, so that is what he does. But Risto is an exchange student which stinks so he has to go back in July or something. Yep, and now that I actually updated this page, Risto is gone. Yup, and now that Mave is taking the time to update this, Risto is back in the States for the summer.

Guy was in a band called Special K, but their drummer didn't have any drums. So when Bob sold his bass and went to the special institute in Massachusettes, we told Guy to be our bass player. He learned our songs really fast and plays his bass very hard.

NATHAN WILLEBY (or something, I forgot) - Drums and Other Philosophical Matters
Nathan/Jeff the Taoist Uber-Monkey used to be in a band called Beefsore. But now he is in HORSE the band. Erik met Nathan at Barebones, the store where they work. They found they shared the common interest of breaking things in the store. A friendship was immediately forged. Nathan likes to hit his drums with great force, so they break every few days. He is really a bass player but he is good at drums and we love him. He is seen as a mentor for the band because he is so old.