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By: Kellryn

Seated around an old folding table in a dimly lit room, five boys in various states of undress were playing an odd variation of Go Fish. The game had started with each player downing a shot of alcohol after their turn. As the night progressed and the five youths became slightly buzzed, they proceeded to play strip Go fish, which entailed removing an article of clothing if what they were looking for was not in the hand of the person they asked.

This left Wufei without his tank top and shoes, but still in his pants. Trowa had lost his pants and shoes, but his turtleneck was long enough that it didn’t matter much. Quatre had had very good luck, so he had only to remove his shoes and vest. Duo and Heero had targeted each other, which left both of them in only their boxers.

Suddenly, Wufei’s head fell onto the table as he passed out. Since the other boys knew that the Chinese pilot couldn’t hold his liquor, this was expected, but what wasn’t expected was the fact that the table collapsed when his head landed on it. Wufei slumped to the floor and promptly regained consciousness as the cards went flying in all directions.

“My cards!” exclaimed Quatre.

Trowa and Heero bent to pick up the scattered cards.

Still laughing at Wufei as he picked himself off of the floor, Duo asked, “So... What are we gonna do now?”

“No more drinking,” replied Wufei while holding his stomach and looking pale.

“Uhm... maybe strip poker?” suggested Quatre.

Everyone glared at him, eyeing their own lack of clothing.

“Guess not,” the blond laughed nervously.

While the slightly drunk gundam pilots discussed what to do next, Heero had righted the table and was trying to get it to level out. He wasn’t having very much luck, one leg refused to lock into place.

After watching the Japanese pilot for a few minutes, Duo said, “You’re never gonna get it to work that way.”

“Hn... Like YOU could do any better,” sneered Heero.

“You bet I could!” Duo yelled.

The Wing and Shinigami pilots glared at one another.

“I know... We’ll have a little contest between you two to see if either of you can fix the table in... say ten minutes?” said Quatre.

Since it didn’t involve alcohol, Wufei nodded and asked, “What's the prize for winning?”

“Hmm, er... I can’t think of anything,” answered Quatre.

“How about whoever fixes it gets to choose the others clothing for tomorrow?” suggested Trowa.

Duo smiled and nodded his head, already thinking of what to clothe Heero in. Heero frowned and folded his arms over his chest, but agreed since he didn’t believe Duo could fix the table before him.

“Great idea, Trowa!” giggled Quatre. “So who goes first?”

“Pick a number,” stated Wufei.

“Fifty,” stated Heero in a monotone.

“Hmm... I know, sixty-nine!” shouted Duo as the others sweatdropped.

Shaking his head, Wufei replied, “The number was fifteen. Heero goes first.”

The braided pilot pouted as Heero set to righting the troublesome table. He began by repositioning the legs, but the one leg still refused to move into the correct position. The Wing pilot then turned the table up-side down and attempted to force the leg into place.

“Time,” Trowa announced.

Heero stiffly moved out of the way to allow a slightly wavering Duo his attempt. Duo rubbed his hands together and approached the offending card table. No matter what the American tried, the leg wouldn’t right itself, which resulted in the table having a slight unevenness. Throwing his hands into the air, Duo gave the annoying leg a hard kick. With an audible click, the leg locked into place and the table evened out perfectly level.

“Woo Hoo! I did it, just like I knew I would!” cheered Duo as he did a little dance.

Quatre giggled and asked, “So... what’s Heero going to wear?”

Duo grinned mischievously while eyeing the stoic Japanese youth.

“I know exactly what he’ll wear!” Duo shouted as he grabbed Heero’s arm and pulled him towards their shared room.

Heero snatched his arm out of Duo’s grip and followed the bouncing boy in front of him. He figured he might as well see what was planned for him. When they reached their room, Heero shut the door and turned to see Duo rummaging through the tiny closet. Duo whirled around in triumph holding a sheer, white sleeveless dress aloft.

Heero’s eyes widened in surprise, this was the last thing that he had expected. A deal may be a deal, but there was NO way he was wearing a dress all day tomorrow!

Folding his arms in front of him, Heero snarled, “Choose something else!”

“No way! This is what you get for being mean to me ALL day! Not to mention the fact that I really want to see how funny you look in a dress.”

Grinding his teeth together and tightening his hands into fists, Heero stalked forward. Duo sensed that if he really pushed, Heero might very well carry out his constant threats to kill him.

“Hmm... If you put it on right now, maybe I won’t make you wear it tomorrow,” Duo mumbled, while holding the dress up.

Glaring at Duo, Heero eyed the dress. He squared his shoulders and seized the offending dress from Duo’s fingers and slipped it over his head. The small dress barely fit over his slender frame. It got hung up on his boxers, so he removed them, which allowed the dress to fall into place. Duo circled his dress-clad partner twice before he came to an abrupt stop in front of Heero.

“Happy now?” grumbled Heero through gritted teeth.

Hearing Heero’s voice snapped Duo out of the strange trance-like state that had overcome him as soon as the flimsy dress had slithered into place.

“Huh? Oh ya!” babbled Duo. “You don’t need to wear tha’ tomorrow.”

“Then what?”

“Huh?... anything you want... except the spandex!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Heero turned towards the adjoining bathroom to change.

Duo released the breath he didn’t know he had been holding and thought to himself; What was that? It must be because I’m drunk, ya that’s it!

A few minutes later the Wing pilot came out of the bathroom wearing his boxers and a tanktop. He glanced at his dumbstruck roommate, who was still standing in the middle of their room. Shaking his head, Heero shut the door behind him as he walked out of the room.

Duo sighed and took a few steps backwards so he could flop onto his bed; Geeze, I must really be a pervert if I get... uh, excited by spandex boy wearing a dress, especially since seeing him in only a pair of boxers hardly even fazes me anymore!


Duo stumbled into the kitchen and groaned as the bright light hit his eyes. Quatre raised his head from where it had been pillowed in his arms at the American's entrance.

“Is that what you’re going to make Heero wear?” questioned Quatre, while pointing in Heero’s direction. “I would’ve thought that you’d come up with something a little better than THAT after all of the trouble he caused you yesterday!”

“Huh?” memories of Heero in a sheer white dress came rushing back to Duo, along with his reactions to seeing his roommate in it. Hoping that he wasn't blushing Duo glanced at Heero, he was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a cream colored button down shirt. “Well... er... I think it’s a vast improvement from that damn spandex!”

Heero’s eyebrows raised slightly when Duo didn’t say anything at all about the dress; in fact he quickly changed the subject away from the bet and last night in general. What’s that idiot up to? He’s been acting strange, well, stranger than normal since early last night. But as long as he leaves me alone, I guess it’s none of my concern... so why am I disturbed by Duo’s sudden change of behavior?

Quatre, Trowa, and Wufei all rose from the table to attend to their own business. Heero felt Duo’s gaze on him and turned to yell or hit him, but he was caught in the amethyst eyes and stared back. Minutes pass before Duo smiled as he rose and walked out of the kitchen without a glance back to the confused Japanese pilot.