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~Summer Break~

Summer Break

By: Kellryn

Overhead the sun was brilliantly shining. The lake was like a giant mirror, reflecting the white-capped mountains in the background. Birds flitted through the branches of towering evergreen trees. In the midst of all this splendor stood five awestruck boys.

”Boy, does Une have style or what?” whistled Duo, as he turned to face the log cabin that the five ex-gundam pilots would be sharing for the week.

Upon entering the cabin, Duo immediately climbed the ladder to the loft.

”There’re two beds up here and even a bathroom. So, who’s gonna room with me?” yelled Duo, clearly claiming the loft for himself.

”Trowa and I will take the room over there... right, Trowa? replied Quatre, as he pointed to the only room with a queen size bed.

”Of course,” answered Trowa.

”I am NOT sharing a room with that chatter box, Maxwell,” stated Wufei, as he moved towards the smallest room.

Heero just shrugged his shoulders and headed for the loft.

”Heero, throw me my duffel, would ya?” hollered Duo.


”So what does everyone want to do first?” queried Duo, as he hopped from foot to foot.

The five boys looked back and forth amongst each other with blank expressions on their faces. None of them had ever been on a summer break before. They had always been occupied by the war and then, after the fighting, they were kept busy by the Preventers. That was why their boss, Lady Une, had arranged for this little holiday. She ordered them to forget about work and try to enjoy themselves for a change.

”There’s a boat... ” trailed off Quatre.

”What about a hike through the forest, to clear the mind,” suggested Wufei.

”I know! We should all go swimming,” exclaimed Duo.

”It is warm,” muttered Heero.

”It would be more efficient to wait and use the boat when we have the entire day,” replied Trowa.

”So swimming it is!” exclaimed Duo.

Wufei was sunning himself on the shore. He would’ve preferred to be on the dock, where the waves could’ve lulled him to sleep, but Duo kept doing cannon balls near him. Quatre, Trowa, and Duo were in the middle of a water fight. Duo had managed to dunk Quatre, but while he was laughing at a coughing Quatre, Trowa had somehow managed to get behind him and forced him under. To show his appreciation to Trowa, Quatre threw his arms around his neck and kissed Trowa right on the lips. Duo knew they would probably be at it for a while, so he looked around to see if anything else grabbed his attention.

Hmmm... this could be fun! thought Duo, as his gaze fell upon Heero sitting on the edge of the dock with his legs dangling in the water. It could also land me in a heap of trouble, but...

Heero was relaxing on the dock, enjoying the quiet, when suddenly, he was pulled into the cold water of the lake. He surfaced, coughing and cursing. Duo... I WILL get you for this! thought Heero.


Duo was already three quarters of the way to shore.


”This is gonna be sooo great!” spoke Duo.

It took about twenty minutes by boat to reach the small island where a natural hot spring was supposed to be. They anchored the boat in an inlet and hiked for almost an hour before they reached the hot spring. The hot spring was a deep, oval shaped pool that was surrounded on three sides by moss covered rocks. Duo quickly pulled off his clothes and jumped into the water. The other four boys followed Duo’s example at a more leisurely pace.

This is bliss; thought Duo. I could stay like this all day.

A crash of thunder was the only warning the five relaxing boys received before the sky opened and a cold, freezing rain began, soaking their clothes at once. They hurriedly scrambled out of the pool and snatched their clothes.

”There’s a cave behind that wall of rock,” yelled Heero, over the thunder.

The cave was small and dark, but it would keep them from the freak summer storm. Upon entering the cave, they pulled on their wet pants and set their shirts out to dry.

”The thunder sounds like it’s right above us,” yelled Quatre.

”I don’t think that’s thunder,” replied Wufei.

”Then what... ” began Quatre, before getting interrupted by Duo.

”Mosquitoes!” screamed Duo, as he ran out of the cave.

The other four boys dashed from the cave, closely followed by a swarm of mosquitoes. They made it to the boat in record time.

”Get us out of here... NOW!” wailed Duo.

”I’m trying to!” yelled Heero. The boat lunged forward as the throttle was pushed all the way forward. The annoying swarm of mosquitoes was left behind.


”OW... that hurts,” complained Duo.

”Then stop moving,” replied Heero.

Duo stopped wiggling and tried not to wince as Heero roughly rubbed a cooling gel onto his sunburned back.

Perfect time to get even with Duo for that stunt at the lake; thought Heero.

Heero poured more gel on Duo’s back. Instead of rubbing it in, he smoothed it lightly over the expanse of Duo’s back and began tracing swirling patterns with the tips of his fingers. Duo relaxed and a low moan escaped his mouth. Heero smirked.

This is much better that harsh rubbing earlier; thought Duo. Hmmm... this is almost like the touch of a lover. Lover? Wait a minute... what’s Heero up to now? He has to be up to something, he’d never... Ha! He’s trying to get me back for pulling him into the lake. We’ll just see about that!

Duo rapidly flipped over and grasped Heero’s hand.

”I think it’s your turn now,” voiced Duo.

”My turn?” inquired Heero.

Duo rolled to the side as sat up and pushed Heero down onto his back.

”Yep!” answered Duo.

Duo smoothed the gel over Heero’s abdomen and chest. He made swirling patterns, similar to the ones that Heero had done to him

What’s he up to now? This wasn’t supposed to happen. I should’ve known better than to try and get even with Duo; thought Heero, ruefully.

”I don’t have a sunburn,” stated Heero.

”I know,” purred Duo.

Heero gasped when one of Duo’s fingertips brushed over his nipple. Duo leaned forward and brought his face within inches of Heero’s face.

”Time to move on, hmmm?” murmured Duo.

”Yes,” growled Heero, as he grabbed Duo’s wrist and shifted so as to put Duo under him.

”Heero? I was joking,” gasped Duo.

Heero silenced Duo by bending his head and covering Duo’s mouth with his own.


Back at Preventer headquarters, the five boys who had just returned from their summer break were being updated as to what had been going on since they left. Namely, nothing important. Done with the business at hand, those at the conference table looked at the boys expectedly.

”Well, did you enjoy yourselves?” asked Sally.

”Boy, did I ever!” exclaimed Duo, with the largest grin on his face.

”Hn,” grunted Heero, with a slight smile of his own.

Quatre shook his head as he glanced at his friends. It’s about time they got together; he thought.

”We all had a good time, thank you very much,” said Quatre.

Trowa and Wufei bent their heads in agreement.

”Yep, can’t wait until the next holiday... right, Heero?” beamed Duo.

Heero remained silent, but there was a gleam in his eyes.