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~Night Explorations~

Night Explorations

By: Kellryn


This story is PWP. It has a heavy lemon scene. So if you are offended by this or are too young then please don't read it. The rest of you enjoy. Thanks!

It was fairly dark with only the moonlight from the one window illuminating the room. The occupant of the room was trying to sleep, but for some reason was restless. Suddenly, the door was thrown open and a cheerfully grinning Duo Maxwell strolled in. He bounced over to the bed and plopped down.

“Hiiiiya Heero, whatcha doin’?” slurred Duo.

“Duo, you’re drunk,” stated Heero irritably.


“Go to your own room and stop bothering me.”

“Aw... you don’t really mean that, do you?” whispered Duo, as he leaned forward to blow in Heero’s ear.

A shiver ran down Heero’s spine, sending tingling sensations throughout his body. His breathing quickened as Duo continued to breathe in his ear. A low moan escaped his throat when Duo began to nibble on his earlobe.

“Thought not,” murmured Duo.

Duo moved his head forward to bring his lips in contact with Heero’s. Startled, Heero parted his lips when Duo’s tongue swept across his lower lip. Duo used that opportunity to dart his tongue between his partner’s lips. Heero’s tongue shied away at first, but then, growing bolder, he joined in the heated sparring match of dexterity. A hand slid under his tank top and lightly caressed his abdomen and chest. Heero was unable to stifle a groan as Duo’s fingertips lightly brushed against one of his nipples. Duo broke the kiss and concentrated on removing their clothes. Heero was a little dazed by the intense feelings coursing through his body, but awareness of what was happening flooded his senses when he felt Duo trying to pull off his spandex shorts. He swatted Duo’s busy hands away.

“What do you think you’re doing?” growled Heero, as he tried to get his breathing under control.

“I would think that’s obvious. Now, shall we continue?” replied Duo.

“Duo... you don’t know what you’re doing. The alcohol is clouding your judgment. You’ll regret this in the morning.”

“No I won’t, and neither will you... I’ll make sure of that.”

Duo bent over the boy beside him, cutting off what he was going to say by covering his lips with his own in a hungry and insistent kiss. He sent his hands skimming over Heero’s chest until he found a nipple. He pinched and rolled the light tan nub between his thumb and finger. Continuing to fondle the hard nub of Heero’s nipple, Duo moved his head to the curve of Heero’s neck; kissing, nibbling, and sucking on the exposed flesh. Heero gasped when Duo’s mouth stole down to his other nipple. He raised his arms and wrapped one around Duo’s waist and entangled the fingers of the other in Duo’s half-undone braid. Keeping his mouth busy by making Heero’s nipples into hard pebbles, Duo slowly drew Heero’s spandex shorts over his slim hips, removing the last of their clothing.

With his fingers still in Duo’s hair, Heero guided his head to his partner’s mouth, wanting to feel their tongues intertwined. Both boys moaned as they broke the passionate kiss to breathe. Smiling mischievously, Duo lowered his head to lap at the drops of moisture on the tip of Heero’s erection, causing Heero’s hips to vault off the bed and propel his penis deeper into Duo’s waiting mouth.

“Ahh,” moaned Heero, as Duo began to suckle gently.

Duo lowered and raised his head, swirling his tongue around Heero’s shaft at the same time that he lightly kneaded Heero’s buttocks. With a last swirl of his tongue, Duo began to nip from the tip to the base of Heero’s swelling erection. Heero was writhing beneath him, hands entangled in Duo’s hair. Duo once again engulfed Heero’s penis and sucked unmercifully. The tensing of Heero’s buttocks warned Duo that his partner was about to come. Heero groaned and arched off the bed, spurting his semen into Duo’s waiting mouth. Duo swallowed every last drop, savoring the bitter-sweet taste.

“Duo?” Heero breathed heavily.

“Hmm... it gets better,” breathed Duo.

Duo bent over the bed to rummage through his clothes. Finding the small tube of gel that he had brought, he held it up to show Heero. Heero hesitated for a moment and then nodded his assent. He shifted his legs so that they were spread wide, his feet planted flat on the bed. Duo moved between Heero’s legs to stroke his thighs and buttocks. When Heero responded by shifting his hips, Duo flipped the cap off the tube of gel and coated his long, delicate fingers. Heero tensed as a slick finger slid into his anus. The finger gradually moved in and out and then another finger joined the first. Heero pushed against the fingers moving in and out of his secret entrance, trying to keep them in contact where the pleasure was most intense. His eyes widened as a jolt of electric ecstasy coursed through his body. Duo withdrew his fingers and lubricated his throbbing shaft.

Duo raised Heero’s legs and lifted them to rest on his shoulders. He positioned himself and slowly forced his erect penis into Heero’s tight hole. Finally, getting the tip of his penis past the initial resistance, Duo thrust all the way in. He held still, allowing Heero to adjust to the feeling of being impaled. When he couldn’t hold off any longer, Duo withdrew and plunged in again, working up a steady rhythm. Duo squeezed Heero’s shaft, pumping it in time with his thrusts. Heero threw back his head and arched his back, lifting his hips to meet Duo’s thrust.

“Yes... Heero!” screamed Duo as he came, his semen spilling into Heero’s tight hole.

Heero buried his head in the curve of Duo’s neck and bit his lips to keep from crying out as his semen shot between his and Duo’s abdomen as he came once again. Withdrawing from Heero sent a last jolt of pleasure through both boys. Burrowing against Heero, Duo kissed his damp neck and wrapped his arms around Heero’s waist. Both drifted off to sleep, exhausted by their vigorous love making.


Heero woke to the sound of water running in his bathroom. The door opened and a very naked Duo walked out. Heero’s eyes widened as scenes of the previous night flooded his mind.

“Good morning, Heero. Sleep well? I sure did,” purred Duo, as he sat down on the bed with an immense smile plastered on his face.

“Hmm... you planned last night, didn’t you?” questioned Heero.

“Yep! Been wanting to do that for a while now, but you’re so hard to approach. Thought the alcohol would help to give me the courage.”

“You mean, that the alcohol would give you an excuse.”

“Not at all... I knew I wouldn’t regret it and once past the initial awkwardness, you wouldn’t regret what happened either.”

“And how did you know that?”

“I just knew, that’s all. Just like I know you won’t regret this... ”

Duo pushed Heero back onto the bed and began to re-enact the sensuous explorations of the night before, but this time, Heero took a much more active role.