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~Rules and Guidelines~

Listed below are my guidelines for making a trade or a request. Please read carefully to make the trade/request go as smoothly as possible. Sorry, but I only accept trades and requests from the US and Canada.


1) E-mail me the list of tapes you would like to request. The minimum per request is 3 tapes. The maximum is 6 tapes. Please include the following information:

2) I will respond to your e-mail with my address. Please only mail out you request after your order is approved.

3) Money Orders are preferred, but I will except cash. Personal checks will be returned. If you send cash, please conceal it by adding extra sheets of paper.

4) When sending money orders, fill in all the information asked for, especially if the signature is required.

5) Absolutely no mixing and matching. Sorry, but it just takes too much time.(Except those already listed as "OK" to mix.)

6) Very Important: Please include a piece of paper with your e-mail, shipping address, and titles requested.

The shipping, handling, and tape cost totals are as follows: (in U.S. funds) These prices are based on shipments to US addresses. For Canadian orders, add $2 to the total.

I will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged, or misdirected mail. Although this has never happened, contact me if any problems arise.


1) E-mail me the tapes you want from my fansub list, along with your list of tradable Anime or a link pointing to it. If possible, give me a brief description of the quality of your tapes.

2) There is no limit on the number of tapes per trade, although I would prefer a minimum of 3 tapes.

3) Please understand that I must receive your tapes first before I can send yours. I've heard too many stories of distributors being ripped off.