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Zaphod asks:Why do you like N9 so much??
Lots of reasons Zaphod. For one its about the closest thing i have to a family in the world right now. I mean, I love my mom, and am thankfull for everything she has done for me, and my sister and I get along great, but i've never really felt like i had any family that i had more than a little in common with, at least not the way i do now. Second is the support. In a world like we live in, where bi-polorism, and schizophrenia run rampid, its comforting to find a group of people who can at least understand what it feels like to be you. N9 keeps me motivated, if not for them i would have quit and given up long ago, they offer me friendship, understanding, love, and safety, and ask only the same in return. Creativity is a strange concept. I have always considered myself creative, but have never found an outlet that welcomed my .... "creativity" until i met N9, and i dont just mean Rocky. Music, writings, art, web design, even religous expression rivaled only by a select few UU's i have met, Glen being the only one that comes to mind. Lastly, they dont care where i have been, what i have done, or who i have known, they only care about the me that i am now, and want to help me become who i want to be, not just make me who they want me to be. Throughout my life, my friends and i have had one great thing in common; we accepted eachother. Fat, small, smart, dumb as a rock, punk, hippie, and everything in between, we accepted eachother when no one else would. We didnt want to hurt anyone, we just wanted to be ourselves. That is why i like N9 so much ... because I am N9.

Flyswatter asks:How do they get the stripes in tubes of toothpaste?
Well flyswatter, it is a very high tech and time comsuming process. First, the major toothpaste companies hired all the Oompa-Loompas they could find. After teaching them the pain staking process of classic Finish folk dancing, they use a device called the Oompa-Loompa-space-time-quantum-resizanator. After shrinking the already tiny Oompa Loompas, they are implanted into the tube of toothpaste. From there the Oompa Loompas perform a special rendition of "Its a wonderful life" , with some slight modifications to help include the Finish folk dancing. By the end of this production, half the toothpaste molocules are ready to kill themselves ( anyone who knows anything about either "It's a wonderful life, or Finish folk dancing knows what i mean ). So they all hold their breath and turn blue. ( Female Oompa Loompa's make the red stripes, but are limited to working only 5 to 7 days a month, and using a process that im not even going to touch upon .... ). From there, the Oompa Loompa's dawn special suits, designed to help them survive the terrible cold that is about to fill the tube. Toothpaste scientist chriogenicly freeze all the toothpaste cells, leaving them alive. Then the Oompa Loompas arange the cells in lines, blue, white, blue, white. Hence, blue and white stripes in your toothpaste. Tragicly ... sometimes durring the production of the renditioned "It's a wonderful life" some Oompa Loompas become so horrified that they to hold their breath, this is why you get that little "hard" chunk of toothpaste sometimes that you have to scub really hard at ... I hope that clears everything up for you Flyswatter, and thanks for the question.