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Hooker Of The Month!

Octobers Hooker Of The Month was the beloved Ishboo. Ishboo started getting warmed up for the title the minute we started it ... Dragon Con. After succesfully landing ( at least ) 3 chicks that I know of in the communal room ( an acomplishment in itself considering there were 10 people in the room .... ), he also managed to seduce Asmodeuis into a little "third leg" massage action. Highlights of Ishboo's riegn also involve squeazing in time for the "chickie" who audited his store, having his "womens" times written down into his schedual, answering the phone while having sex, to confirm his date for later that evening, and making a man-hater fall ass over elbows for him in a matter of minutes, one that even Asmodeuis failed to turn. It is with all this is mind, we the judges of the Hooker Of The Month, award you, Ishboo, with the honor of "Hooker Of The Month" (insert cheering here). Best of luck in the coming months Ishboo, you PUSSY GETTIN FOOL YOU!. Bwahahahahahaha!