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Well i started training at my new job today. Had to drive out to the middle of bumblefuck to watch customer service videos. But oh well, its gonna bring in money, and thats all i really care about at the moment.

Hell has officially frozen over. I have a date. Okay, so she's a good friend ( who i almost started dating a while ago ) who is coming into town to try and help me cheer up. (pervert mode on) DEAR GOD THE THINGS I WOULD DO TO THAT GIRL IF SHE WOULD LET ME! (end pervert mode ). She will be coming into town on sat. She really really wants to go lose her virginity ( unfortunatly , in the rocky sense), but its an lpp night, and damn near everyone is going to be at the slip and slide party. Mabye she and her roomate will want to go to that instead. . Now if only this guy wasnt gonna be there ... it would be heaven.

More to come with updates to the website. Been busy lately, but between seeing my friends in Asheville, Highlands, and reading my mothers emails im trying to update as often as possible.

Peace for now, keep on rocking in a free world.