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So I just got back from asheville, where i saw Nefer get married, was pretty kewl. Went up with shamus, fuzzy,
and brooks. Shamus and Brooks didnt know nefer, but had fun none the less, guess it was a good excuse to get out
of town for a while. Sleeping was weird, not because i had to share a bed, but the fact that there was a bed. Been a while, had to get used to it again. The last night i was there, i had the oportunity to get into bed ( to sleep :P ) with 2 seperate girls ... but i had just met them, and they were asleep, so i thought it better i just fall asleep in the chair ( go D*con style :).

Nefer looked absolutly gorgeous. The brides maids, and the Gro ... er ... other brides maids were in purple ( if you know Nef, that is not suprising ) , and Nefers dress was the purest white i have ever seen. I was asked to take pictures of them all as they came down the "isle", when i saw nefer though, i almost coulnd't take the picture with how teary my eyes were. Im really happy for her, she looked like she had found true happiness.

Spent the greater part of the reception flirting ( or attempting too ) with Deena ( Nefers bestest friend ). Great chick, fun, smart, loved to have fun, and gorgeous smile. Has a boyfriend of course, but no one felt fit to tell me that untill right before i went to sleep ( including her, so hey, theres always a bright side, just gotta find it ). Oh well, all the good ones are taken, just the way it goes i guess. None the less, was great getting to meet her, and all of Nefers other friends too, like the other Jen and Robin, and Nefers parental units.

I am mobile again, went and got a new car battery! Purring like a kitten again. Gonna be continueing to work on blackwell till we get it finished, and have plans to get a job, and place to live tommorrow ( might be a damn good week at this rate ).

Anyways, time to run ... oh yea, for those of you who i met at the wedding, im including my email and a link to the Rocky Horror website. I hope you enjoy them. Peace and carrots kids.