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Yay Role Models ...

Last nights rocky was gucking freat! One of Yeager's holes was sore so i played Dr. Scott, first time in that role. Also my first show as an official member of N9, whoo hoo.

Well i have 2 interviews set up this week, God willing the companies will A) schedual me, and B) not think im an illegal alien. Speaking of which, i am so fed up with out dumb ass government of ours. I have been pulled over 5 times in the last week because of my tag issues. So far, the government has fined me for not having something, they wont give me four times. Its aggrivating, I want to go to the court house and give them some shit.

But then i just sit back and relax, take a deep breath, and remember that one day this could happen to me, and i lose all hostility ...
( due to Angelfire restrictions, i was forced to make this a .zip rather then an .mpg. Simply hit the link, and save it to your computer before opening. )

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