Dragon-Con 2001

My weekend started on thursday. Bannanna and i braved our way via Marta to the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta, to work security, and have some fun at D*con. The night was normal enough, security sweeps, me getting to know the layout of the hotel, learning how to "properly" use the headsets, and Bannanna having some fun with some dreadlock guy. Only reason we really went on Thursday was because yours truly had to work friday morning, and needed the extra time so Yeager wouldnt kill me for not hitting 20 hours.

Friday was when the real fun started. To start my real D*con, Blue through a fit in front of 300 people, cursing and screaming, telling me we were through, and that she had been cheating on me ( big surpise ) with her new new boyfriend. Well ... i had a choice, i could let that flea ridden hooker get me down ... OR ... I could just have the time of my life with the OTHER 34,999 people who were there. I opted for the second option, and damn did it work. Friday night we ( N9 ) performed Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was insane! AP lines being shouted by 1000+ people echoed through the entire hotel, reports of being heard branch as far as the 14th floor of the Hyatt. A cast which consisted of members from Lamda Psi Phi, Satanic Mechanics, and N9 put on a show that would prove to be the highlight of the Friday night lineup. As an added bonus, the firemarshall quoted us at having upwards of 1100 people present for the show, leaping us well ahead of the previous largest indoor rocky performance, awarding us yet another RHPS merrit badge. I will have pictures from the show on the site soon, but in the mean time, check out Yeager's take on the show here. After rocky ( and after a quick dose of medicine ) i hit con-suite and watched a subtitled Princess Monenoke, a fabulus anime, that actually aired, and was sucesfull in America. But the best part was the gorgeus young woman dressed as 7 of 9 on my lap. Hotter ...

Saturday I was stationed in the dealers room. If you have never been to the dealers room at D*con let me tell you, it puts any mall in the world to shame. Profesional sword makers, comic colectors, fetish salesmen ( and women ), Sci-fi enthusiasts, and the walk of fame, featuring the likes of Star Trek's Scotty, C3P-0, Elvira, Chewbacca and more. The work was both fun and easy. Its great seeing the expression on peoples faces who dont know what is going on. "umm ... we're staying at the hotel ... can we ... uhhh ... go ... in ...?" After advising many a stray to purchase a day badge, my day ended when the dealers room shut down for the day. Im off work, nothing to do, and no GF to worry about. Party. I hit many a party room that night, nearly all but the fantasm party, which was invite only. Guess i dont know all the right people yet. In any case, i had a blast, got some random action from random chicks, who then moved on to the rest of the random guys, and randomly dissapeared. Life goes on though, and so did the parties :).

Sunday started with a major fucking hangover. Never in my life have a drank that much, and got that little sleep. After deciding that attempting to sleep in my CHAIR ( we got jipped on our room, 8 people in a single room, with one half ass queen sized bed. Since i was the odd man out ( meaning i didnt have a girl on my cock ... ) i got the chair. Anyway, after having my fill of that, i went on down to Ops and grabbed a headset. Might as well kill some hours since i cant sleep. I forget where i worked that day, it all just kinna swooshed by. Afterward, i took a nap ... in the bed ... now that i remember. When i woke up, i went and got some more medicine ( i did that a lot that weekend ). That night, Sheryl, Halley, some random nerd, and myself performed "Strangers With Candy". Wondering around the Hyatt trading everything from pixi-stix to hershey bars for sexual favors. This is where Halley met Spaz, and obsessive no dicked little pervert who thought it would be funny to tell her that he was 17 ( he's 23 , but he looked 8 ). After making it abundantly clear to him that if he wanted to stick around, he would have to BE HER BITCH, we continued our search for sexual favors. Thumper was the kindest person i found that night ... my mother reads this site, so i'll keep details to a minimum, but i walked away happy. On the other end of the spectrum, there was the vinyl clad-dominatrix-nun, who , after explaing that Halley was only 16, and to please leave her alone, completly racked me ... right outside of Ops! Spectators who saw the even cringed, some managed to conjure up enough bravery to come to my aid and help me limp away. That was the end of Strangers with Candy. From there, it was drinking time again, and once again, its pretty much a blur. Insert some good party moments ( Shamus killing half a bottle of vodka in one sip, and Bannanna "welcoming back" the kid she had kicked out of the con not a day before. )

Thus concludes my Dragon-Con adventures. Cant wait for next year.