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It's all in the family ...

Well damn its been a long week, surviving off two ways, and determination. I slept on Wed for the first time in 3 days. I've found a place to live, payed off all my citations from the auto tag shit, got the pieces i need to fix my car, broke my non-getting-laid streak, got a new kick ass job, am dating a beautiful, wonderful, inteligent, caring, funny, sensitive, goddess who i cant get enough of, hell i even am talking to my father ( amazing if you know me ), and am actually thinking it might be possible for me to go back to school soon. They say that only after reaching rocky bottom can someone really appriciate things in life. Hydra said something to me the other day.

~" You once told me you would be content with your station in life, if you had a stable job, a place to live, and a car"

Yates, i need to thank you, I know it wasnt really your intent to touch someone deep inside and awaken a sense of dignity and determination, but thats what you did. I dont know how exactly, but i think it just made me sit back and remember what i was, remember that i do have the capacity to achieve that goal, as simple as it is, which seemed so distant and foriegn.

Angela, honey, i need to thank you too. You make me so happy just through being near you. Your conversation and company make me feel content with who I am, something i have not felt in a long time. You are wonderful, even if you cant tell yet. You came with me on my "errands" for the simple reason of being there to hold my hand, to help me ignore that i hadnt slept in days, and to power through troubles i was scared to face, I owe you big time, and will never forget your love and help. I love you :)

On a sadder note, the Rocky Horror salute to Tim Burton has been postponed, N9 takes their theme nights very serioiusly, and we just didnt think we had enough time to prepare costumes, and gags. Rest assured though that with the extra time ( current looks to be the second weekend in January ) it will be one hell of a show.

To regular fans of the site, I'm sorry the updates have been on the lesser side lately, but as you most likely know, im kept very busy in my attempts to get my life back together. I do however promise that I still love doing the site, and when i'm back on my feet, updates will resume their normal schedual ( about twice a week ) and with more interesting little web findings i come accross in my digital treks. Please by all means, hit the FAQ page, when im up on my feet, im going to tackle some of the questions that have been sent in, and would love some more.

~"That BA boy was a nice young man, but he's no Ripper ..."
~Angela's Mom

~"You got 30 seconds to get out of my house while I grab my pistol ... COWBOY!"
~Angela's Dad