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1 Girl, 1 Page, 17 Links

Hey Everyone! Thanx for visiting my webpage. I am still very inexperienced in the computer feild but I am slowly getting better (thanx to Jennie & Ian). I've been adding new stuff so make sure u come back. But whatever u don't see here it's probably on one of my friends' sites (which r strikingly similar to mine). So come back soon & have fun! ~Carrie~

Make sure u e-mail me any ideas u have for my site. It's pretty hard to read your minds.

Home of Hello Kitty & Friends

Macaroni Art Game

My Fav Photographer...Anne Geddes

bOoGiE bLoCkS

Do u see a vase in this picture? or do u see 2 people? Click here for more cool illusions like this 1(Click on "Optical Illusions")

A complete list of an and every "Late Show with David Letterman" Top 10 List

Moving EyEs

The best show in the whole world... Saturday Night Live!

Driveways of the Rich and Famous!

Absolutely Nothing!

These Hamsters Can DANCE!


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