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From: "Dana Beazley"
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 7:08:01 PM
Subject: Baird Family

Hi, I stumbled across your site doing research on my family and I believe your Bairds are my family. The longest I can go back is to Thomas Baird Born 1725 Scotland then to LondonDerry and from there on to PA, and then to Bardstown,Ky and on to Ohio Co Ky. My Greatgranddad is Clyde Baird my GrandDad is Murlin Baird Sr. and my Dad is Murlin Baird Jr. If you have any info at all it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Dana Baird Beazley.

David Baird PA to Fleming, KY to Fayette County, OH Sent By: "martha swaim" On: Dec 12/07/12 1:05 AM Two researchers mention a David Baird from PA and family with a daughter Eleanor Baird who m. Samuel Waddle or Waddell. I believe this is the Samuel and "Nelly" Waddle in Ross County, OH in 1805. There is an Evan Baird, b. abt. 1801 to David Baird in Fleming, KY. David and Penelope Baird purchased some land in Fayette County, OH abt. 1817 and then sold half to John Baird for what they paid for it. David Baird died in 1820 leaving widow, Penelope and minor son Evan. Abt. 1835, Evan sold the other half of the land originally purchased by David and Penelope to John Beard. Evan moved to St. Claire IL. John Beard, b. KY is on the 1850 Fayette, OH census w/wife Sarah. John died later that year and is buried in the Archer cemetery in Fayette County, OH. I believe I am descended from this David. I am descended from Delila Beard, b. KY 1801 and m. John Snider in Fayette OH in 1820. Fayette was formed from Ross county. John Snider's father Henry purchased his farm from Samuel Waddle. Henry Snyder, Samuel and "Nelly" Waddle were members of the same Concord Presbyterian Church in Ross county in 1805. Delilah Beard and John Snider had a son, David B. Beard and a son, Evan Beard. Hope to find others researching this family. Martha Swaim

From: "comsys"
Sent: Saturday, July 23, 2011 1:29:58 AM

Hello Norma!

I would also like to be added to your website and/or emails please. I have not gotten as far back as I was hoping after years of searching various public records and genealogy sites.

The basics are my great-grandfather was JAMES WEBBER BAIRD, born Oct 12, 1865 near Cynthinia (Harrison County) KY. I THINK his father was James Baird and Mother Gabriella, born about 1840; have no idea where WEBBER came from other than I believe Webber's sausage was rooted possibly in Harrison County. But all of my ancestor Baird's were born and raised in SCOTT COUNTY, Sadieville specifically; Dr. Baird practiced medicine for 64 years yet Sadieville has zilch info on him apparently; my Father, JAMES LEWIS BAIRD was born in Sadieville June 28th, 1915; he is still alive and kicking living in southern Wisconsin but not a great help; he, my Grandfather, LEWIS COLLINS BAIRD (not sure where Collins came from either)and myself briefly all lived in GEORGETOWN, KY; there was always a Baird living there from circa 1920s through the 1970s.

Anyway, if anybody might have older data on my Baird ancestors, or Collins or Webber families, especially prior to the 1860s I am all ears.
Sincerely, James L. Baird, Brackettville, TX email:

Date: Saturday, 22 January 2011 13:44:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Lester Baird

Hi Norma, I would like to be added to your website or emails.. My name is Lester Baird, my father was John T. Baird, Sr. from St. Louis MO. He was born in Louisville, KY in 1893, died 1966. His father was Eli Davis (Toad) Baird, born in 1866 in KY, he died in 1949. His father was Thomas Garrett Baird, born in 1839 in KY, died in 1899 in KY. Not sure before that. I am also on

Thanks, Lester Baird

At Tuesday, 11 November 2008, you wrote: My name is Clarence C. Baird, Jr.
My grandfather was: Milford Baird (married to Sally Webb) Lived on Jellico Creek, KY, moved to Largo, FL is early 50s.
My grandfather, Milford Baird had one brother that I know of, William Baird, who died ? at Jellico Creek, KY.

Flo Duff (nee Baird) (deceased)
Ola Miller (nee Baird)(deceased)
Rita Baird (deceased)
Clarence W. Baird (deceased)

Issue of Flo Baird Duff: married to Glen Duff (deceased) Anna Ray Baird (living in Knoxville, TN) no children
Issue of Ola Baird Miller:
Donald Miller
Joyce Miller
Mitchell Miller (deceased)
Elva Ann Miller
All living in Florida

Issue of Clarence Baird: Clarence C. Baird, Jr. (living in New Johnsonville, TN)
Janet Lee Ray (nee Baird) (living in Chattanooga, TN)

Issue of Clarence C. Baird, Jr.:
Barbara Henning (nee Baird) living in Colorado
M. Baird, living in Chattanooga, TN
If anyone knows anything about or beyond my grandparents, please let me know. Thanks,
Clarence Clifton Baird, Jr.

From: Suzanne Dean
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 8:01 PM
Subject: William Francis Baird

William Francis Baird was my GGGrandfather. I have searched the web over and have not been able to find a thing about him. All I know is what I learned from my family:

Due to his colorful and adventurous story, I would have thought that others would know about him. Seems he stowed away on a ship out of Belfast or Dublin in 1818 at age 12. When he was discovered, the ship was too far out to return to Ireland so he was accepted and became a cabin boy on the ship. By the time they reached America (either Boston or Philadelphia) the Captain wanted to adopt him but he declined saying that the reason he stowed away was to come to America.

William Frances Baird married Mary McClary in 1828 at Lancaster, Garard, Kentucky and according to my records had nine children: Archibald L Baird, John F Baird Logan Baird, James L Baird, Joseph S Baird, Henry Francis Baird, Alice A Baird, Martha B Baird, Eliza Jane Baird, and Oliver Terrell Baird (who was my GGrandfather).

Mary McClary was the daughter of Franklin McClary who was the son of Andrew McClary.

My problem is that I cannot seem to find the link for William Francis Baird in Ireland.

Suzanne Dean-Drucker

Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 5:30 PM
Subject: KY BAIRD'S

I am researching a JOSEPH C BAIRD who is listed in the 1880 census in Larned, Kansas - His place of birth is Ky and list his father's place of birth as VA.

Have you run across any of your BAIRD'S that went to KS, I would assume, after 1873 since his last son was seven in 1880 and he was listed as being born in KY.


1880 Census
Census Place: Larned, Pawnee, Kansas
Source: FHL Film 1254392 National Archives Film T9-0392 Page 18A
Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
JOSEPH C BAIRD Self M M W 56 KY - b. abt 1824
Occ: Farmer Fa: VA Mo: VA
ELIZA BAIRD Wife F M W 48 KY - b. abt 1832
Occ: Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY
THOMAS BAIRD Son M S W 22 KY - b. abt 1858
Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: KY
HENRY BAIRD Son M S W 18 KY - b. abt 1862
Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: KY
MAGGIE BAIRD Dau F S W 15 KY - b. abt 1865
Fa: KY Mo: KY
GUY BAIRD Son M S W 10 KY - b. abt 1870
Fa: KY Mo: KY
MAY BAIRD Dau F S W 8 KY - b. abt 1872
Fa: KY Mo: KY
WARREN BAIRD Son M S W 7 KY - b. abt 1873
Fa: KY Mo: KY

To the Kentucky BAIRD Families - I only post information that has been given to me. Please send me your family information and I will format it for these pages. Norma

From: "Norman Nielsen"
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 1:11 AM
Subject: BAIRD Connection

I am interested in the BAIRD family from Bardstown, Ky. They came from Virginia, I think and lived in Bardstown late 1700's I think. As you can tell, I know little about them but I believe that Bardstown was first called Bairdsville. Does any of this sound familiar to you?


I was just surfing the net and I stumbled onto your page about the BAIRD family. I noticed that you have many lists of families from places like Tennessee and Pennsylvania, but I live in Kentucky and there are a couple hundred of us at family reunions. My name is AMY LYNN BAIRD and our family did come from Ireland. Our family crest is a Boar. My grandfather is one of about 13 children, so there are quite a few of us. I think you will find more descendants to add to your lists if you look into Kentucky.

Some Kentucky & Tennessee BAIRD families are listed with the Virginia BAIRD Family. (See link above) Please send me your information. Norma.

Date: Thu, 22 May 2003
Subject: Harlan Baird

Harlan BAIRD (John BAIRD & Nancy RHODES) b. 22 April 1823 in Mason County, KY. His grandmother was a HARLAN, so she named her grandson Harlan BAIRD. Grandmother HARLAN comes from the same family that Chief Justice HARLAN of the US Supreme Court is from.

The John BAIRD family migrated from eastern Kentucky > Indiana > Iowa & then onto Nebraska. Harlan BAIRD & his family are found on the 1880 Omadi, Dakato County, NE census : Harlan BAIRD(age 56, b. KY); Melissa BAIRD (age 46, b. OH) ; Thomas B. BAIRD(age 23, b. Iowa); Henry C. BAIRD (age 25 , b. Iowa) ; Eliza BAIRD (age 22, b. NE); Emma BAIRD(age 20, b. NE); Frank WRIGHT (other) (age 24, b. MO).

My family line is as listed below : William BAIRD b. 18 Oct 1797 in KY. Enlisted for the War of 1812 in Mason County , KY. Parents unknown. William married Ann Ary RHODES b. 26 Sept 1797 in Bourbon County, KY on 3 Dec 1818 in Nicholas County, KY.

Ann Ary's parents were Beacham RHODES & Margaret McCARTNEY . Beacham & Margaret first lived in Maryland , where 3 of their 8 children were born. They removed to eastern KY, residing in Mason, Bourbon, Fleming, Nicholas & Hart Counties. Their issue : Elizabeth, Silas, Samuel, Rachael, Ann Ary, Mickel { female }, Phebe, Harlan, & Enos.

William BAIRD & Ann Ary RHODES removed to Grayson County, KY, where William is listed on the 1820 census, as well as a John BAIRD & his family. Around 1828, the family picked up stakes & removed to Boone County, IN. After a few years, they moved on to Clinton County, IN, where both William & Ann died & are buried. William & Ann's issue are: John BAIRD, Machael { female)BAIRD, William Wallace BAIRD, Rebecca BAIRD, James Alexander BAIRD { known as A.B. }, & Mary BAIRD.

Brothers John BAIRD & William Wallace BAIRD removed to Iowa around 1843, where John is listed as a founding father of Des Moines, Iowa. Later, John moved his family to western Iowa near the town of Harlan.

I believe that the above mentioned Harlan BAIRD, at the beginning of this posting, is a nephew of my William BAIRD . And Harlan's mother, Nancy RHODES, is related to Beacham RHODES. The name of Harlan runs in my BAIRD family, too.

I will gladly share all information that I have on both BAIRD families. Contact: Brenda Baird Magee at
Thanks, Pam. Brenda

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