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From: Suzanne Dean
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 8:01 PM
Subject: William Francis Baird

William Francis Baird was my GGGrandfather. I have searched the web over and have not been able to find a thing about him. All I know is what I learned from my family:

Due to his colorful and adventurous story, I would have thought that others would know about him. Seems he stowed away on a ship out of Belfast or Dublin in 1818 at age 12. When he was discovered, the ship was too far out to return to Ireland so he was accepted and became a cabin boy on the ship. By the time they reached America (either Boston or Philadelphia?) the Captain wanted to adopt him but he declined saying that the reason he stowed away was to come to America.

William Frances married Mary McClary in 1828 at Lancaster, Garard, Kentucky and according to my records had nine children: Archebald L., John F. Logan, James L., Joseph S., Henry Francis, Alice A., Martha B., Eliza Jane, and Oliver Terrell (who was my GGrandfather).

Mary McClary was the daughter of Franklin McClary who was the son of Andrew McClary.

My problem is that I cannot seem to find the link for William Francis in Ireland.

Suzanne Dean-Drucker

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Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2003 3:15 PM
Subject: BAIRD ancestry

My husband is descended from JOHN BAIRD born in County Down Ireland 1792. He passed away in Bloomfield, Ohio in 1862. His great great grandparents were JOHN MARTIN BAIRD & NANCY HANNAH. JOHN MARTIN BAIRD born in Ireland-died in 1897 in Pittsburgh. Their son ANDREW BAIRD was his great grandfather born 1869 in Bloomfield, Ohio and died 1947 in Pittsburgh.

Would love to share information with anyone who is interested. Thank you, DARLENE

Sent: Saturday, June 08, 2002 10:47 PM
Subject: BAIRD Family

Enjoyed your site. My line of BAIRD'S came from County Antrim, Ireland. Settled in Lankaster, South Carolina. ADAM BAIRD, ROBERT BAIRD, WILLIAM BAIRD, & HUGH BAIRD must have all come over at the same time about 1770.

ADAM BAIRD, born 1730, was my GGGGG Grandfather. From there he went to Abbeville, South Carolina, then Tennessee, then Orange County, Indiana, then settled in Wabash County, Illinois in Lick Prarie Township, around a place called Guards Point.

I have quite a bit of information if anyone needs it contact me at

From: GUBE
Sent: Sunday, June 02, 2002 9:56 PM
Subject: ADAM BAIRD and son JOHN BAIRD

ADAM BAIRD & his son JOHN BAIRD then 21 left the northern coast of Ireland for the new world in 1774.

JOHN BAIRD fought in the Revolutionary war and at the close of the war married a daughter of one of his companions in arms by the name of MOORE. They had seven sons. Two of these sons as far as is known stayed in South Carolina. Five of them settled in Tennessee.

Sometime before 1812 the five sons moved to Orange County, Indiana. About 1825 the brothers separated, two of them going to Ohio, two brothers went to Sangamon County, Illinois.

ADAM BAIRD the 2nd son of JOHN BAIRD went to Wabash County, Illinois. He had five sons and one daughter. The sons were: 1) JOHN W BAIRD 2) WILLIAM BAIRD 3) SAMUEL BAIRD, 4) ANDREW BAIRD 5) SILAS BAIRD. The daughter was NANCY BAIRD.

SAMUEL BAIRD had five sons and one daughter. ALEXANDER STEWART BAIRD, son of SAMUEL BAIRD was the father of OSCAR BAIRD & OSCAR BAIRD was my Grandfather on my mother's side.

By the way, we used to have a place at Riverwood's Plantations there in Estero between Bonita Springs and Ft. Myers. I will be 72 and I have a sister 76. A cousin, PHILLIP BAIRD lives in Springfield, Illinois in his early 80's. Another distant cousin in his 60's lives in California and is really up on the BAIRD history.

From: Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 2:17 PM Subject: Baird Family, TN - AR - Ireland

I have just recently started to research my family and from old family records this is what I have found so far. Any further help would be appreciated! Thanks, TAMMY BAIRD JACKS

My father is WILLIAM BOYCE BAIRD JR b. Jan. 18, 1932 (Jacksonville, AR) to:

WILLIAM BOYCE BAIRD SR b. Sept. 16, 1891 d. May 23, 1969 (Marked Tree, AR) and MARY LOU MCWHORTER b. Nov 20, 1901 d. Oct. 15, 1995 (Marked Tree, AR) (2 Children: WILLIAM BOYCE BAIRD JR and RUTH BAIRD BARTLETT) WILLIAM BOYCE BAIRD SR is the son of:

WILLIAM CORNELIUS BAIRD b. Apr 12, 1849 d. Mar 19, 1900 (Covington, TN) and MARY ELLIS (more info below) b. Feb. 20, 1854 d. June 9, 1921. They had eight children including my grandfather, they are as follows:

i. RESA ELIZA BAIRD b. Oct 8, 1874 d. May 14, 1932 m. WILLIAM C WRIGHT (4 children)
ii. JENNIE ORA BAIRD b. Apr 11, 1876 d. unknown m. WILLIAM ELBERT GWINN (10 children)
iii. MARTHA CORNELIA BAIRD b. Apr 28, 1878 d. unknown m. JOHN WATKINS RICHARDSON (5 children)
iv. MARY ADA BAIRD b. Dec 2, 1880 d. unknown m. WILLIAM THOMAS SIMPSON ( 5 children)
v. DR JOSEPH LOWERY b. Feb 13, 1883 d. Oct 31, 1938 m. ELINOR THERESA GLADDISH (1 child)
vi. LOIS AGNES BAIRD b. Apr 18, 1885 d. July 30, 1921 m. JOHN ALBERT BILLINGS
vii. JOHN GREIER BAIRD b. May 16, 1888 d. Nov 28, 1918 m. MAGNOLIA MIZE (4 children)
viii. WILLIAM BOYCE BAIRD b. Sept 16, 1891 d. May 23, 1969 m. MARY LOU MCWHORTER (2 children)


JANE (JENNET) WILSON b. Aug 19, 1803 d. Aug 30, 1875 (a decedent of ARCHIBALD WILSON) m. JOSEPH BAIRD b. May 10, 1803 in Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland d. Nov 14, 1866 in Tipton County, TN. They had 10 children:

i. JOHN WILSON BAIRD (married with two sons) (unknown info)
ii. ARCHIE M BAIRD (unknown info)
iii. JOHN WARDEN BAIRD (unknown info)
iv. MARTHA BAIRD b. May 30, 1833 d. Feb 25, 1890 married (unknown info)
v. ELIZABETH BAIRD b. Mar 24, 1834 d. Mar 28, 1876 m. 1861(unknown info)
vi. MARY ANN BAIRD b. Feb 14, 1836 d. Oct 18,1844 (unknown info)
vii. SARAH BAIRD b. May 1, 1838 d. Nov 1, 1860 (unknown info)
viii. JANE W BAIRD b. Feb 12, 1841 d. Oct 4, 1846
ix. ROBERT STEVENSON BAIRD b. Aug 7, 1845 d. Oct 27, 1919 m. Aug 22, 1867(unknown info)
x. WILLIAM CORNELIUS BAIRD b. Apr 12, 1849 d. Mar 19, 1900 m. Sept 4, 1873 to MARY ELLIS.

This is all the information that I can find, anything else would be helpful!


From: Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2001 4:55 PM Subject: BAIRDS/VIRGINIA

I would like to know about the people mentioned here: WILLIAM HAMILTON assigns JOHN GILLASPY (GILLESPIE), a servant from Ireland, to JAMES BAIRD of Orange co., VA, for 3 1/2 years Sept 1, 1745. Before Mayor JAMES HAMILTON of Philadelphia (TEPPER'S Emmigrants to PA p. 67). Thanks, C. DEUTSCH

From the IGI files of the LDS Church - British Isles:

1) MOSES BEARDE Chr. 4/11/1640 Painswick, Gloucester, England. Father: ROBERT BEARDE
2) MOSES BAIRD chr 11/2/1665 Whitchurch, Hampshire, England. Father: WILLIAM BAIRD
3) MOSES BAIRD b. abt 1707 Londonderry, Tyrone, Ireland relative: RICHARD A BAIRD
4) MOSES BEARD d. 1724 of Lifford, Donegal, Ireland. Relative: RICHARD A BAIRD
5) Mrs MOSES BAIRD b. abt 1752 Ireland
6) MOSES LAMB BAIRD b. abt 1775 Ireland. Relative: RICHARD A BAIRD
7) MOSES BAIRD b. 1/27/1864 Newtown Stewart, Tyrone, Ireland. Father: JOSEPH BAIRD, Mother: SARAH PATRICK

Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 12:55 PM

I've been researching the BAIRD clan. I have been able to get back to 1780 on my family tree. I am trying to find JOSEPH BAIRD (WM, JOHN) b. Ireland & chr. Scotland to America 19 yrs old m. JANE HENDERSON lived Bolivar PA.

I sent this a while ago and would like to update my e-mail just in case someone finds more information. My new e-mail is

I found your Baird family website. I used my relationship calculator to figure out that I am the 2nd great-grandnephew of MARY ELLIS MCDANIEL.

MARY married WILLIAM CORNELIUS BAIRD. I knew MARY'S middle initial was E. but didn't know it was ELLIS. This makes sense because her mother's maiden name was ELLIS.

Thought you might like to know more about MARY and that her maiden name was MCDANIEL. Here is more info about the MCDANIELS.

MARY'S father was JAMES LOWRY MCDANIEL. He was a Presbyterian Minister & teacher. JAMES LOWRY MCDANIEL b. January 18, 1825 in Chester County, South Carolina d. March 09, 1887 buried in Salem Cemetery, Tipton County, Tennessee.

He first married MELINDA ELZIRA ELLIS b. May 10, 1831 in Due West, South Carolina d. April 26, 1859 in Tippah County, Mississippi buried in Ebenezer Ch, Tippah County, Mississippi.


1) MALINDA ELZIRA MCDANIEL b. December 14, 1853 d. July 01, 1859 in Tippah County, Mississippi buried in Ebenezer Ch, Tippah County, Mississippi.
2) MARY ELLIS MCDANIEL b. February 20, 1854 (You have this info)
3) JOHN EDWARD MCDANIEL b. July 07, 1856 d. July 11, 1861 in Mississippi.
4) HUGH ROBERT MCDANIEL b. February 10, 1857 in Mississippi d. November 11, 1927 in Tennessee buried in Salem Cemetery, Tipton County, Tennessee.
5) JAMES PAYSON MCDANIEL (twin) b. February 10, 1857 in Mississippi d. January 08, 1929 in Tipton County, Tennessee buried in Salem A.R.P. Cemetary, Tipton County, Tennessee. JAMES PAYSON MCDANIEL is my 2nd great-grandfather.

JAMES LOWRY MCDANIEL m. 2nd June 06, 1861 in Tipton County, Tennessee to ELIZABETH BAIRD b. March 24, 1834 in South Carolina d. May 28, 1876 and buried in Salem Cemetery, Tipton County, Tennessee. ELIZABETH is the daughter of JOSEPH & JANE (JENNET) WILSON BAIRD.

Their children are:

1) JOSEPH "JOE" BAIRD MCDANIEL b. July 20, 1862 in Mississippi d. April 19, 1939 buried in Salem, Tipton County, Tennessee. JOSEPH had 5 wives.
2) MIRTHA MCDANIEL b. Abt. 1866 in Mississippi.
3) JOHN MCDANIEL b. Abt. 1868 in Mississippi.
4) ROBERT WARDEN MCDANIEL b. Abt. 1869 in Mississippi.
5) ELIZA MCDANIEL b. Abt. 1872 in Mississippi.
6) EDWARD MCDANIEL b. Abt. 1874 in Tennessee.

I have much more information about the MCDANIEL'S. If you are interested e-mail

Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.

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