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From: kris steffan
To: Norma R Farmilo
Sent: Monday, March 06, 2006 6:46 PM
Subject: Re: Baird info for you site. (I would like to add some to it).

Jane Baird was the third youngest daughter of Mr Frances Baird. Sorry have been able to get the other two sisters names. Jane's mothers name was Jane Baird (have not found out her maiden name yet).

Jane was 18 years old when she married Samuel Hunter, she lived at Ballybrakes, Parish Ballymore, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Jane was a spinster at the time.

Jane married on the 4 May 1846 to a Samuel Hunter, at the First Presbyterian Church in the parish of Ballymoney, in the county of Antrim, Northern Ireland, The witnesses where a George Rulston and a John Milliken. By the Rev Robert Park.

In the Coleraine Chronicles on the 23 May 1846, it stated that, on the 4Th Inst. In the First Presbyterian Meeting House Ballymoney, by the Rev. Robert Park. Mr Samuel Hunter, Publican, Agivey to Jane, third youngest daughter of Mr Frances Baird, Ballybrake.

Jane died in Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia. Aged 63 and worked as a domestic in 1891.

Jane, aged 34 and Samuel, aged 36 come out to Australia in 1856 on the SS 'Mermaid', with six childern. They where unassisted passengers.

Now for Frances Baird.

Frances was a farmer of the time of Janes marriage. In the Coleraine Chronicles in, 8 March 1851, a death notice:

24th February 1851, Mr Frances Baird, aged 51 years, Ballybrake, Ballymore, county Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Now for Samuel Hunter:

Samuel was of full age and a bachelor and a farmer, of Agivey, Parish of Aghadowey, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland, at the time of marriage. His father was a George Hunter who was a Farmer.

Children of Jane and Samuel.

George Leslie Hunter, b1848, Derry, Northern Ireland, d 3 August 1920 Australia.

Franices Baird Hunter, b1849, Derry, Northern Ireland, d 23 February 1878, Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

Mary Jane Hunter, b1851, Derry Northern Ireland, d 6 May 1880 Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia

John Hunter, b1853, Derry Northern Ireland, d 23 December 1860 Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia.

Joseph Hunter, b1855, Derry, Northern Ireland, d 25 November 1923, Bendigo, Victoria Australia.

Unmaned Hunter b 5 January 1856 at sea on the way to Australia.

Henry Baird Hunter, d 7 December 1860, Campsbells Creek, Victoria, Australia.

Annie Matilda Hunter, b 1858 Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia, d 8 December 1860, Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia.

Rachael Mcgerr Hunter, b 1862, Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia, d 10 November 1863, Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia,

Jackson Baird Hunter, b1864, Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia, d 4 October 1956 Moon, Victoria, Australia.

Samuel Hunter, b1867, Loddon, Victoria, Australia, d 19 August 1903

Robert Mckinnor Hunter, b 1863 Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia, d 22 October 1863 Campbells Creek, Victoria, Australia,

Kind regards

Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2003 7:04 AM
Subject: BAIRD'S of Australia Family Tree

My Name Is JENNIEL NEILEN nee BAIRD, from Beerwah, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. about 1 hour North of Brisbane.

My link to the BAIRD'S is 4 generations the line starts from my father KEVIN LESLIE BAIRD b 8.2.48 m - JENNIFER MACKENZIE my poppy ADAM JOHN "JACK" BAIRD b 30.6.1906 - d 14.9.1974 MELVIA JULIA KLEMM then ADAM BAIRD b 1862 - d 5.7.1946 m - ISABELLA PROCTOR then ADAM BAIRD b 1831 Scotland - d ? m - MARGARET POLSON.

This is where the BAIRD book has finished. ROBERT & JUDY FLOREY completed their research of the BAIRD'S in Australia in April 1997. But the last link is a bit vague. I would like to find any infomation that could help me.

Regards, JENNIEL

From: KERRY BAIRD To: Sent: Friday, August 25, 2000 9:45 AM Subject: BAIRD FAMILIES

NORMA, I just dropped into your site its very interesting. I have also found Irish BAIRD'S who were convicts to Australia. I would like to ask if my web site could have a link on your site, and I will return the favour by adding your link to my site it is called BAIRD History and Genealogy at

I have about 60 pages from births, marriages, wedding banns from Scottish archives also immigration list to Australia, many family trees and heaps more, its designed so other BAIRD'S can do their own research using the resources.

I will be doing a large Australian BAIRD section, but I don't have very may links to US which would be great.


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