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World of Kitaro

real name is Masanori Takahashi. He was born in 1953, a Japanese Shinto farming family in Toyohashi, Japan. He continues to hold traditional values most important even he became westernized as he grew up. He formed the "Far East Family Band" which released two albums of progressive rock music during the early '70s. In 1972, on a trip to Europe, Kitaro met an innovative synthesist, Klaus Schulze. He was intreagued by the sounds he built his first synthesizer and played with all sorts of unusual sounds. Today Kitaro's music is increasingly progressive, full of innovative touches and free of lyrices. It is a haunting study in contrasts that takes its cue from nature and spirit. Kitaro continues to be enthusiastic about bringing authentic native music into the mainstream.

"But my ultimate goal, "concludes Kitaro, "is to keep expressing my feeling in music, and for the people to enjoy it."

Music is full of expectation and it expresses the deepest and most exquisite of human emotions. The reflection of nature from the mountain stream to the sea. You may not be able to understand it but you can feel and enjoy it. Enjoy a special experience that will relax and soothe you. Peace and tranquillity, you only need to sing.

Kitaro has done it.

Eric Lim.

I send a message of sound

towards the Sky
Engulfing empty Space
Soaring far beyond grasp
High above Mountain Tops
Beyond Ocean Waves
Stretching to Reach the Andes
and Lightly touching Nepal
Watch as the Sounds flow
Listen as you feel the Wind blow
Nature is colored with Romance
Unfolding a Drama day by day
Plants breathe in Rhythm
Insects play their Melody
Light flies as Wind cries
Now catch the Sound...Feel the Light
By feeling things which are with Life
Innocents respond to the delicate Sigh
of the World, Weaving their own Dreams
Dreams which spread throughout the World
People begin to Sing Harmonies of Love, wordless
This is a beginning
Connecting the Dream
to the Color of your breathless Heart
Peace and Tranquillity, you need only to sing
It is for you.

Message of Sound by Kitaro, September, 1986.

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