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Hello, and welcome to my page, although right now it is still in the developmental stage, you will begin seeing new things added quite often.

March 9 2000
Starting tomorrow I will be starting to add mp3s back to the site...got 300 megs of space for em right now...so the site will be better than ever...

February 21 2000

I just finished removing all the dead links off the page...which was pretty much all of the stuff...I am now looking for a new place to host my files...will have new ones up as soon as I can...a week or so and should be a bunch back up...

February 9 2000

Sign up for alladvantage using my refid HFG-174 and good things are bound to happen if enough people sign up for it using my refid I will do a huge update and put up the cheat program for alladvantage.

November 24 1999
Just added 2 songs to the misc section more soon

November 23 1999
I just added 2 songs to the Misfit section and 1 to the misc section, more will be added this week

November 21 1999
I just uploaded some songs and will have links to them tomorrow

November 16 1999
I just found a cool site that gives out free shell accounts with 300 Megs of space the link I had there didn't work...so I'm getting the new one now

Look for a really big update soon...I'm gonna upload a bunch of stuff either later this week or next week.

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