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Amenhotep III and his beauty Tiye the Great Royal Wife

This both statues is found at the ground floor behind the wardrobe.

Amenhotep III 18 dyn. 1370 bc.

Amenhotep III NebMaatRe18 dynasty 1370 bc. This gigant head comes from the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III,in Thebe (Luxor)It was placed on the East side of the Nile...Just opposite to the Temple of Karnak. The Pharaohīs of later dynasties has dismantel the Mortuary Temple leaving just the gigant statues of Memnon there.(known in ancient time to sing a strange sound every time the sun rised, this was belived to have been caused by some misformation of the stones...maybe it was ancient egypt construction magic *s*)

Well Back to one of my favourtie guy Amenhotep III, this man knew how to enjoy life.He so enjoyed life that it probably killed him in later years, he is portraited as a fat tired old man on a steala from Amarna in his probably 35 year. But here we see him as the beauty he once was..a little chubby expression is allready on his face..he do remind me of Tutankhamun a lot.(Maybe he was tutīs father..or Tut reminded of his grandfather)

They shared the same destiny, both become Kings at a very early age, after their father died prematurly.Amenhotep III was probably around 7-8 years old when he became Pharaoh.His father Tutmohsis IV died in a young age,leaving hs son to rule the country.

This head is huge the statue would probably have been around 7-10 meters (this is just a guess now by the computer I didnīt messure him *smile*) the head reminds me of the face of the Buddah radiates the same peace calmity...serenety...Like they both have found the same universal code or something.Maybe they both tricked us*smiles a bit wickedly*...Amenhotep III did for sure enjoy his very earthlylife a lot.He was married to the Great Royal Wife Tiye, the very powerful woman of the late 18 dynasty.They had a son named Amenhotep IV who later changed his name to Akhenaten NeferKheperure-Waenre, so this is the father of the famous Sun Pharaoh.

As a fact Akhenaten didnīt invent the aten religion, this was his inheretance from Amenhotep III and his father.Amenhotep III raised Atonīs power and worshipped the sundisk allready before Akhenaten was a regent.

At his side in the museum an unamed goddess she is

Limestone statue of Un-named goddess in Amenhotep III Mortuary Temple at thebe

May I present the Queen Tiye for you guys,Wife of Amenhotep III mother to Akhenaten, well Iīm almost sure itīs her.I see the facial likness of her other statues...that nose canīt be missed.Or that determined face.

this lime stone statue that is not named was found also at the Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III.Since Tiye was a Goddess allready when she was alive (She had her own tempe for worship in south Nubia) she wouldnīt mind us telling that this is an unknown Goddess from the temple.

I do love the women from this period, they all had such a power that you have to look back to Hatshepsut or the first Queen of the 18 dynasty to find.(Like Ahmosis Nefertari)Tiye was a strong impressive lady with great influence both over her husband and her son Akhenaten, she handle the forreign corresspondence with Kings of Hittite imperium and Mittani for her husband.King tushratta sends his wishes to Tiye in his letters..IN fact he writes to Akhenaten that Tiye knew the deal between Tushratta and his father, and that he expected akhenaten to fullfill this trade deal.

Tiye had her own mansion at Amarna...and historian think she orginally came from Akhtim...Where the God Min was the local God.Ever heard of Min?? ..Well I just say..Lettuce and a gigant Phallos...then you probably know.*smile*

How on earth did I get in to this...well Tiye you inspire the most strange thoughts...Look at her secretly smile...she knew how to keep the interest of a Pharaoh surrounded with hundreds of wifes and concubines...

Just love the beaty of this sure not to miss it if you ever go to the Brittish Museum in London!!!

Oh, yes itīs me standing infront of the statue...;-)

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