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Latest News

Adhwa'a Al Madina Egypt
On the 6th of July/ 2000 Diana Haddad has participated in Marina's concerts, Adhwa'a Al Madina in Egypt. This is the first live concert for Diana Haddad after releasing her latest hit Jarh El Habeeb last June. Diana Haddad sang her new songs beside her old songs. Moreover, she sang her duet song Jarh El Habeeb with Mohamed Al Ezabi for the first time live on Marina's stage.

Mani Mani cinema clip
Diana Haddad has finished shooting her new song Mani Mani in Beirut. This cinema clip has been directed by her husband Suhail Al Abdool. Mani Mani will be shown for the first time on LBC. (news source: Diana Haddad).

Diana Haddad's Official Fan Club
Diana Haddad's Official Fan Club has been launched on the 13th of June/2000, you can join the club and get Diana Haddad's latest news and meet Diana's fans from all over the world. If you want to join e-mail me (Nahla), or you can join by clicking on the club's logo in the main page.

Diana Haddad & LBC
After 3 years of negotiation, Diana Haddad has signed a contract for 3 years with the LBC (Lebanon Satellite Channel). From now on we will see Diana Haddad's Latest Clips, Interviews, Concerts and more on the LBC (That doesn't mean that Diana Haddad won't appear on other channels). Also, Diana Haddad performed in one of the LBC's programes which is called "Ya Leil Ya Ain" where Diana Haddad sang 5 songs and it will be shown on the 28th/July/2000 on LBC.

Jarh El Habeeb released
Finally Diana Haddad's sixth album "Jarh El Habeeb" was released in the Arabian Gulf on the 5th of June 2000, 3rd/June in Lebanon and 22nd/ June in Egypt. The new album is gaining huge success in all the arabian countries and its on top of the charts.

Diana Haddad in Carthaj 2000
Diana Haddad will participate in Carthaj Festival 2000 on the 15th and the 16th of July, and this will be the second time for Diana Haddad in Carthaj after her first participation in July 1997. And Diana is preparing a special song for this event. The concert will be live broadcasted on ART5.

Jarh El Habeeb
Diana Haddad's new album "Jarh El Habeeb" will contain 9 songs. Beside the songs I mentioned before there will be 2 Khaleeji songs instead of one. "Gasi" written by Su'ood Sharbatli and composed by Talal Bagher and "Adal'a Aleik" written by Ali Alfadhli and composed by Yaqoob Alkhbezi. Also, Diana travelled to Lebanon to shoot a song from this album there.

The Sixth album "Jarh El Habeeb"
Diana Haddad's Sixth album will be in shops soon. It will contain 4 egyptian songs, 3 Lebanese and 1 Khaleeji song. "Jarh El Habeeb" and "Khesert Eih?" written by Mustafa Mursi and composed by Waleed Sa'ad, "Maghdoshe" written by Nizar Francis and composed by Samir Sfair. "La Enta Wala Albak" written by Mohamed Helal and composed by Esam Karika. "Ba'ali Zaman" written by Mustafa Zaki, composed by Hasan Dunia. "La Wallah Mani" composed by Salim Salameh. And one of the album's surprises is "Noor Ainy" which is composed by the Great Lebanese singer Wadi Al Safi. The Khaleeji song's name will be added soon.

Sham Elnaseem concert
Diana Haddad will participate in Sham Elnaseem concert on the 30th of April, 2000 in Cairo, Egypt. This concert is considered as one of the most famous Arabic concerts in the Arabian World. This is the second time for Diana Haddad to sing in Sham Elnaseem. Her first contribution was on 19th of April, 1998.

Diana Haddad's new album "Jarh Al Habeeb"
Egyptian, Khaleeji, Lebanese and "Bedwen" songs will be in Diana Haddad's new album "Jarh Al Habeeb" which will be released soon. It will contain 8 songs and I would like to mention that this album will include many surprises especially in "Jarh Al Habeeb" which is a duet song with an Arabic male singer.

Diana Haddad in Layali Dubai
Diana Haddad has participated in a very successful concert in Layali Dubai on the 22nd of March/2000. Diana talked about her new album which will be released in shops by the end of April.  For more about Layali Dubai Click here

New album
Diana Haddad is recording her new album in Cairo. It will be released in April.  More details about the new album will be added soon.

Carthaj Festival 2000
For the second time Diana Haddad will perform in Carthaj Festival in Tunisia this summer on the 15th of July 2000. (source=Diana Haddad).

Diana Haddad one of the Best Arabic female singers in 1999
According to Emarat FM the #1 station in the UAE, Diana Haddad was chosen as the 2nd Best Arabic Female singer in 1999. And in Al Usra Al-Asreya (Al Reyadha Washabab) magazine she took the 3rd position.

Orbit Festival 2000
For the forth time in row and during Eid Al Fitir, Diana Haddad has performed in Orbit festival which was in Qatar this year. Then she performed in 2 big concerts in the UAE, in Al Fujaira and in Al Ain.

Diana Haddad in Paris
1st of January/2000 will be a special day in Diana Haddad's Career. She was chosen beside Amr Diab, Sameera Saeed and cheb Khalid to sing in the Biggest Festival ever in Paris. Each singer will sing 2 songs only. Famous people will attend this big event including Jake Cherak (French President). All French singers and actors will be rewarded in this day in the biggest hall in Paris. Diana described that this concert will mean a lot to her and she will sing Ammaneh and Shater. The reason behind chosen this 4 singers that they were the most successful singers who applied western music into their songs, also they are the best selling singers in the Arabian World. Don't miss this event, all the French TV's and Radio's plus ART will prod cast it Live.

More Khaleeji songs in the next album
In her next album, Diana Haddad will sing more Khaleeji songs after the huge success of Weinohum and Al Fusool Al Arba'a. Diana will work with writers and composers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. Famous names such as Prince  Su'ood Bin Abdullah who gave her such a wonderful poem called "Albareha" "Yesterday", Ahmed Bin Dhaher in "Faker" "Do u remember?", and again with Hamad Alketby in "Mu'ajab Feeni" "He likes me".

New Egyptian songs
As we got used to Diana's way in each album by working with new writers and composers, she will work for the first time with Hasan Abu Al Suo'od in two Egyptian songs one of them called "Kheda'a". Also she will work with more new Khaleeji writers after the success she gained when she released "Weinohum" and "Al Fusool Al Arba'a". Diana will work also with old names that she worked with in previous albums such as Raibar Waheed, Esam Karika, Sameer Zaky, Hamad Al Ketby and more.

Al Fusool Al Arba'a cinema clip
Soon, Diana Haddad will shoot Al Fusool Al Araba'a as a Cinema Clip. The shooting will took place in Dubai, Lebanon and maybe in Cairo. The idea of the Clip will be a new idea and in great views. It will be managed and directed by her husband Suhail Al Abdool. Diana mentioned that she will shoot this song under Fans demands.

New surprises
Diana Haddad is preparing for her sixth album after the huge success of Shater's album in the Arabian World. The next surprise will be in a song with the Algerian Music and Rhythms.

The Golden star
After the success she gained this year, Diana Haddad was rewarded as the "Golden Star" in July 1999 in Egypt. She was chosen as the Best Arabian Female Singer of the year.