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Male Totems Cont'd

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)

The grey Wolf is also called the Timber Wolf. He is a very intelligent and loving animal. They are often shy, and will not usually attacked unless provoked. Their fangs and claws can be fierce, however. The Grey Wolf is a very powerful animal. They are usually very social animals. Wolves usually hunt at night. He is the birth totem of Garv (Mog-ur)


Megaceros (Megaceros giganteus)

Also called "Megaloceros," this prehistoric "Irish Elk" is actually more closely related to the fallow deer than the elk. The megaceros, reaching 10 feet in height, was the largest deer. He also had the largest antlers: they could reach up to 11 ft. in length (Some sources say as much as 14 ft.) and could weigh 100 pounds! They shed their antlers yearly. They were used for protection and to fight rivals. He is the totem of Douv and Brag.


Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)

Wild boar live in groups of up to fifty. They are gregarious animals with a need for close body contact. The tusks are used for protection and can be deadly. He is the totem of Roog.

Male Totems Cont'd


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