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Male Totems

Totems are the guiding forces of the Clan. They watch over and protect each member. Females must have weak totems, and no female may mate a man with a weaker totem than hers. For this reason men have the large and powerful totems. The most powerful totem of all is the great Cavebear. Ursus himself protects the clan as a whole. He is a personal totem only to those whom he choses and deems worthy.

Cave bear (Ursus speleaus)

Ursus is the guiding force of the clan. He is supreme protector and totem of all. He is Garv's (Mog-ur's) personal totem


Bison (Bison bonasus)

The Bison is a worthy totem for any man. With stoic dignity he holds a serene power. He is calm, but can easily protect his pack in the face of danger. He is the totem of our leader, Bron.


Leopard (Panthera pardus)

The leopard is known for his versatality. He is quite flexible and can adapt to most environments. Though a leopard is relatively small, he is capable of bringing down large prey. He is a strong and worthy competitor. He is Roov's totem.

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