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Female Totems

Female totems must be weaker than male totems. This is so the male totem can defeat her totem and leave a part of his essence to create new life. Sometimes other totems will help the mate of the female, and then he may be allowed to leave part of his essence.

Hamster (Mesocricetus auratus auratus)

Hamsters are curious by nature and docile unless surprised or awakened. If threatened, a hamster may bite, but will usually warn first by "chattering". Or they may flip onto their backs in a "play dead" fashion to avoid confrontation. He will be scared or reluctant to associate afterwards. He is the totem of Agra and Ira.

Grouse (Bonasa umbellus)

Grouse are normally solitary creatures and do not pair-bond. The male grouse, the protective spirit, is aggressively territorial. He usually shares his territory only with one or two hens. He will "drum", or beat his wings on a log to proclaim his territory. (See photo). Courtship lasts only a few minutes, then the hen leaves to create her nest. They quickly become independent, even when young. He is Gava & Iba's totem.

Giant Hare (Lepus europaeus--large brown hare)

Giant hares have good muscular development. They are docile creatures, but when abused they can scratch and bite. He is the totem of Ilka and Uda.

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