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Welcome New Members!

Welcome to The Clan RPG! We always welcome new people in our cave.

This is a writing-based role playing game based on the novel The Clan of the Cave Bear, by Jean M. Auel. Though all of our characters are our own creations, they are based on the Clan people described in Auel's books. We try to be as true to the book as we can be, while still allowing room for new and interesting storylines. Therefore, the only requirement for playing in the RPG is having read The Clan of the Cave Bear, but this is important. We encourage you to also read the other books in the series.

Now, this is how we play: Everyone has at least one character, one member of this cave, that they "play" or write for. Most of us have accumulated more than one. You write for your character by posting "novel-style", in third person.

Take the time to flesh out your posts well. Use your senses. Describe what your character sees, smells, tastes, hears, and feels (both inside and out). On choosing a character: We do occassionally accept original characters, and we're currently in the middle of a new storyline that allows for new characters from scratch. These characters will all come from Nord's Clan (I will fit your original character into the cave), so please review that information (linked on the main page). There are also a couple of characters who are open for new members, if you want to adopt an existing character. Contact Amanda (Yajolimyr) when you're ready to take on a character. Make sure you put Clan RPG in your subject line, so it is not marked as spam. All characters must be approved by the moderators before playing.

You can also email a Moderator with any questions you might have.




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