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Mun Page

In RPGs (Role Playing Games), a "Mun" is the real life person who is playing the character. It's always interesting to know a bit about who you're playing with...

  • Bron, Iba, Nord's Clan, Edra:

    Yajolimyr (

  • Var: sallyphtwin1(
      Hi, my name is Sally. I live in Indiana. I have 2 children: Jennifer and Melissa. They are grown with children. I also have an indentical twin named Susan, a true "Kindred Spirit". Susie is the one who encouraged me to read Clan of the Cave Bear. I've been hooked on prehistoric native american novels since. I love music: country and rock & roll. I rarely have the tv on except for a good sci-fi movie/show. I sketch some, too: Charcoal pencil portraits. I can get people to look like they are, but that's all. Can't sketch a horse, dog, or barn worth a darn. (ha!) Go Pacers!!!

  • Kea, Aza, & Grouv: susieq_twin2 (
      My name is Susie. I have waist long brown hair and eyes. I am married and have a young daughter named Sadie. I also have an identical twin sister named Sally. At least 4 times a month I'll run into someone who thinks I'm her. It's kind of fun but normal since it's been that way all my life. Anyway...I love pre-historic novels. Since I read my first, Clan of the Cave Bear and the rest of the series, I've been hooked. They are now the only subject of books I read. I like music...rap, rock, or country. I love to watch sci-fi (been a trekkie forever), and archaeology shows on tv. I'm an acrylic and oil painter. My favorite subject to paint is my daughter. I write childrens stories and poetry, and surf the web. Who says you can't surf in the state of Indiana!!!

  • Ilka, Dorn, Grol: MahkuilliAcatl(
      a.k.a. Five Reed (that's me!), hails from the vast United States of America, but has been known to wander the whole of the North American continent. I immensely enjoy traveling, studying at the University, and spending time with my family, friends, and non-human (mainly avian) companions.


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