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Character Profiles

First Hearth:

Second Hearth:Third Hearth:

Fourth Hearth:

  • Vour: 25 yrs [OPEN] Vour is the second oldest member of the clan. He is just beginning to enjoy what most men experience in their youth --- a family. His first mate and daughter died in childbirth. He is now quite protective of Uda and her children, and was especially so during the first few months after the birthing of Roog and Vara. Vour cares for Uda and her children very much. His totem is the Hawk.
  • Uda: 14 yrs [OPEN] Uda is the daughter of Iva and was born to the hearth of old Roog, who now walks with the spirits. In her 11th year she was mated to the much older Vour, the only man old enough to take a mate at the time. At first it was just a mating of convenience for both: Vour was in need of a mate and Uda was well past the age of womanhood and still unmated. Their relationship has quickly grown from there. A year after the mating, Uda brought twins to Vour's hearth and the man has become quite fond of the two children. Uda and Vour share quite a unique bond and live happily in their hearth. Uda is a good-looking woman by clan standards and is a doting mother and loving mate. Her totem is the Hare.

    Fifth Hearth:

  • Korv: 16 yrs [xoisme2002] Korv tends to be quiet, and tends to listen rather than talk when others are talking. He's strong and smart, though a good hunter, gentle with women and children. When his mate, Ulka, died of a snake bite, Korv came from Grocís clan seeking a mate. Ibaís family had died not long prior, and the pairing worked from the beginning. His daughter has taken to Iba, who has brought another daughter to Korvís hearth. He is very much hoping that Ibaís next child will be a boy, but he is just glad to have a growing family. Korvís totem is the Cave Lion.

  • Iba: 15 yrs [Yajolimyr] Ibaís first mate and son both died in an unfortunate accident. Iba was crushed and depressed for a long time, until she met Korv and Raka. Raka needed a mother so badly, it was just what Iba needed to move on with her life. Iba gave birth to Edie at the last Clan Gathering, after a strange and terrifying encounter with the Others. She made friends there, however, and something strange happened to her when she participated in one of their ceremonies (apparently expected of females there). Edie so different from all the other children, Iba sort-of hopes her baby is a normal clan baby. Ibaís totem is the Grouse.

    Sixth Hearth:

  • Dorg: 9 yrs [xoisme2002] Dorg is the son of Iva. He is shy, but loves to hunt small game. He follows the leaderís sons around a lot, but doesn't interact much with them. Dorg's totem is the Red Wolf.

  • Kora: 7 yrs [Sundragon_75] Kora is a curious, excitable girl. She loves to explore the world around her and try to figure out exactly how it works. She often has to be reigned in by her mother and told to sit still for a time, but soon she is wriggling with impatience. She enjoys going with Gava on forays for herbs and learning about how the medicine woman makes illnesses go away, but has not yet shown an interest in following in her mother's role. Instead, Kora has shown an interest in flint-knapping, an activity that she finds challenging, but not tedious. Her totem is the Beaver.

    Seventh Hearth:

  • Grouv: 13 yrs [xoisme2002] Grouv had his manhood hunt 2 years ago. He is the eldest son of Iva. Grouv is a skilled hunter and learned the art of the sling from his mother's mate. He has recently mated Aza. Grouvís totem is the Lynx.
  • Aza: 9 yrs [xoisme2002] Aza is Edraís daughter, born to the hearth of Douv. Aza's totem is the Jerboa.
  • Eighth Hearth:

  • Thod: 14 yrs [OPEN] Born to Groc's clan, Thod came to Bron's cave before they left for the clan gathering so that he'd have a better chance of getting to mate one of the women of Bron's clan. (Groc's clan was blessed with many boy-children for many years but few girls, and now there are not enough women to go around). Thod impressed Bron during a Bison hunt, and he was given Ira as his mate. Thod was never fond of the sea-side/fishing lifestyle of Groc's cave, so he decided to stay with Bron's clan. A serious young man, he puts forth his best effort to be the ideal clan man and to be as "normal" as he possibly can be. He has achieved this, though he does tend to be more emotional than usual, caring deeply for Ira and letting her get away with mistakes more than other men would. His totem is the rare animal of the Hipparion, or the Three-Toed Horse.
  • Ira: 10 yrs [OPEN] Ira has grown from a clumsy, forgetful little girl to an attractive and thoughtful woman. She set her sights on Thod the moment he walked into the Clan, and she persisted to put herself in his path until Bron granted them the right to mate. Ira's totem is the Giant Hamster.
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