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The Clan RPG

Walk with Ursus!

We are the Clan of the Cave Bear, protected by the great Ursus. Our Cave is well established! We're in the middle of a re-vamp, so please join TheClan_OOC to keep abreast of all the changes. Look around, read the info for new players, and contact the mods if you want a character.

We have many new members who will soon be coming from Nord's Clan. You can review the updated info for Nord's clan here:

Nord's Clan - Updated

Tip: Interested in joining the clan, but feel lost reading the archives when you're not familiar with the characters? Read over the character profiles and clan information. Watch for the following icons to read examples from the group:

This icon denotes a character short story or info about the clan. This story was probably either written specifically for this website or as a background/side story in the Files section.

This icon stands for "Clan Post" and means the story was actually taken from the Archives at the yahoo group. It was written for a particular storyline and used in play.


This site is under construction as our cave gets switched around and settled into the new storyline. Come back for updated information.

A Yahoo! RPG (Role Playing Game) club based on the Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel.

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