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Before prescribing the remedy check the remedy which suits


All homeopathic remedies have a double personality. On the one hand they are known to cause a range of symptoms in perfectly healthy people. On the other hand by the law of similars, they are known to alleviate the same symptoms in people who are unwell . However, remedies which match physical symptoms only may not be enough to provoke a return to health . Ideally, to provoke the greatest healing, a remedy should match the physical symptoms, the mental symptoms , and the constitution of the person concerned.

The following remedies describe 60 of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies. Each has a distinct personality , as you will see Many of them have complementary remedies, remedies whose action are similar or compatiable and likely to complete a cure once the primary remedy has done its work

The remedy pictures in this book have been complied from the writings of Hahnemann himself , and from those of James Tyler Kent, Margaret Tyler, and J.H. Clark . Also observations and notes made during absorbing lectures by Margery Blackie, George Vithoulkas, and Francisco Eizyaga.



1 Aconite (name of the remedy) A

Constitutional indications : Adults who respond well to Aconite are usually full-blooded, strong and healthy-looking. Aconite babies tend to be rosy and chubby.

Remedies which follows well: Arnica, Belladonna, Ipecac., Bryonia, Silicea, Sulphur.



2 Allium

Constitutional indications : None in particular.

Remedy which follows well : Phosphorus, Thuja, Pulsatilla.


3 Alumina

Alumina is most effective with people who are confused or senile; those who respond best are usually thin, with dried-up greyish skin and dry , sore mucous membrances.

Remedy which follows well : Bryonia.

4 Anacardium

Anacardiam is highly beneficial to people who have an inferiority comlex and are trying hard to prove themselves ; they suffer from extreme inner conflict and have , as the saying goes, 'a devil on and shoulder and angel on the other' . Children who suddenly give up exams saying they can't remember what they are reading , are candidates for Anacardium. Anacardium is also the homeopathic remedy which most closely coresponds to ht Chinese concept of possession. This can be simply a feeling that you are not quite yourself you are observing yourself doing things , or writing the book of life as you go along. In extreme cases it can fell like possession by another being

Remedy which folows well : Platina

5 Antimonium

Antimony is most useful in children and in elderly people. Greeediness, sentimentality, a great susceptibility to the charms of moonlight , and a propensity for falling madly in love are often encountered among Antimony types. Physically , such people are often fat, despite a chronic loss of appetite, and may suffer from deformed feet or sores around the mouth.

Remedy which follows well: Sulphur.


6 Antimonium tart.

Antimonium tart. Is most beneficial to very old and very young , and to people who are too weak to cough up phlegm

Remedy which follows well: Pulsatilla , Sepia.

7 Apis

None in particular.

Remedy which follows well: Natrum mur.

Warning: Because of its action on the Kidneys , Apis is not recommended in lower potency than 30c during pregnancy.

8 Argentum nit.

Argentum nit .is especially good for people who do jobs which call for quick thinking and a good memory, where the emphasis is on performance. Into this category come actors, singers, business executives lecturers, students, etc. Most Argentum nit. Types are extroverts, but much of their behaviour is motivated by a fear of failure

Antidoting remedy : Natrum mur.

9 Arnica

Those who derive most benefit from Arnica tend to be rather morose and morbidly imaginative. No matter how ill they feel, they are likely to deny that anything is wrong with them and refuse to see a doctor.

Remedy which follows well: Aconite, Ipecac.

10 Arsenicum

Those who benefit most from Arsenicum are deeply insecure and have an almost insatiable need for comfort and consolation. Arsenicum children are highly strung and delicate, with fine skin and hair; although mentally and physically agile, and often precocious, they get pushed around at school. Arsenicum adults have an anxious, frightened appearance and look as if they are wasting away. Because of their fundamental insecurity , any complaints they have tend to recur.

Remedy follows well: Rhus tox., Carbo veg., Phosphorus, Thuja, Secale.

11 Baryta B

Baryta carb . is most effective in the very young and the very old. Children who benefit from it are mentally and physically slow, very skinny for their age, and pot-bellied; they also tend to have wrinkled skin and a vacant expression on their face. Elderly people who respond well tend to be obese. Both groups may also suffer from hormone problems.

Remedy follows well: Dulcamera, Psorinum Silicea.

12 Belladonna

The kind of person who responds most markedly to Belladonna is sturidly built, apparently in rude health , and vigorous in mind and body.

Remedy follows well : Calcarea carb.

13 Bryonia

The kind of person who respond to Bryonia is often of rather plodding intelligence, rubicund and well-fleshed, with a dark complexion and dark hair; he or she often gets stitching pains, and are easily angered or irritated.

Remedy follows well: Natrum mur., Natrum sulph. and, to a lesser extent, Alumina.

14 Calcarea C

Adults who respond well to Calcarea are usually fair, flabby and overweight , and have a cold, clammy handshake. Children who respond well tend to be tubby and clumsy, with a chalky pale complexion coarse skin and coarse, curly hair; they are also prone to head sweats at night. Calcarea types are among the few mortals who actually feel better when they are constipated.

Remedy follows well : Rhus tox., Belladonna, Lycopodium , Phosphorus , Silicea, Platina.

15 Calcarea phos.

Calcarea phos. Suits people who are discontented. Uncertain what they want; such people are usually thin (thinner than Calcarea types) and have dark hair, long legs

and a sagging abdomen; as babies they may have been late in walking. Late-development adolescents with muddy skin also respond well to Calcarea phos.

Remedy follows well: Ruta, Hepar sulph

16 Cantharis

Cantharis should be the remedy of first resort for individuals who look as if they are suffering intensely

Remedy follows well : Belladonna, Mercurious, Phosphorus, Sepia, Sulphur.

17 Carbo veg.

Carbo veg. Is most beneficial to people who complain of not having felt really well since a particular illness or accident . Mental sluggishness is one of the first symptoms they menton.

Remedy follows well : Nux, Camphora, Arsenicum, Ambra

18 Causticum

Those who derive most benefit from Causticum tend to be dark-haired, dark-eyed, sallow-skinned, weak and rather rigid in their thinking. Children who respond well to Causticum are often very excitable and outgoing, throughly involved in everything going on around them and deeply concerned about injustice.

Remedy follows well : Carbo veg., Petroselinum.

19 Chamomilla

Individuals who respond best to Chamomilla have a very low pain threshold and are often bad-tempered and complaining . Complaints often begin with the words I can't bear...'

Remedy follows well : Belladonna, Magnesia phos.

20 Chelidonium

Chelidonium has an affinity with thin , fair, lethargic people

Remedy follows well : Lycopodium , Bryonia.

21 China

Individuals of an artistic or poetic nature usually respond well to China.

Remedy follows well : Ferrum, Calcarea phos.

22 Colocynth

Colocynth is best suited to people who are fair -haired and fair- skinned.

Antidoting remedies : Coffea, Staphisagria, Chamomilla.

23 Dioscorea D

None in particular.

Antidoting remedies : Chamomilla, Camphora.

24 Dulcamara

None in particular.

Remedy follows well : Baryta carb.

25 Euphrasia E

None in particular.

Antidoting remedies: Camphora, Pulsatilla.

26 Ferrum phos. F

People who respond best to Ferrum phos, are often rather pale, anaemic and complaining , and prone to sudden, fiery congestion of the face.

Remedy follows well: Kali mur., Kqali phos., Calcarea phos.

27 Gelsemium G

Individuals of limited intelligence, who are dull and heavy-looking and have a bluish tinge to their skin, often respond well to Gelsemium. The remedy is also beneficial for heavy smokers.

Remedy follows well: Coffea, China, Digitalis.

28 Glonoinum

Glonoinum is most effective in women who have high blood pressure, especially if they are flushed and over weight.

Remedy follows well : Aconite.

29 Graphites

Elderly women who are overweight, constipated, chilly and rather melancholy respond well to Graphites. So do coarse featured, dark -haired individuals with earthy complexion .The Graphites type often does hard manual work in the open air or drives heavy goods vehicles.

Remedy follows well : Hepar sulph, Lycopodium.

30 Hamamelis H

None in particular

Remedy follows well : Ferrum.

31 Hepar sulph.

Hepar sulph . is best suited to individuals who are overweight, flabby, palse, sluggish and rather depressed; such people tend to look as if they have been through a lot, and gratefully sink into the nearest chair.

Remedy follows well : Calendulla.

32 Hyoscyamus.

Hyoscyamus is most effective in the senile and elderly , and in individuals who mutter to themselves or hold conversations with people who are absent or dead. The Hyoscyamum type tends to live in a world of his or her own.

Remedy follows well:( None. )

33 Hypericum

None in particular.

Remedy follows well : ( None)

34 Ignatia I

Ignatia is most effective in children who are bright, precocious and highly strung , and in adults who are alert, nervous, rather pale, given to sighing and yawning, and wear a rather strained expression on their face , often with frequent blinking or a facial tic. Ignatia types are very fragile emotionally, inclined to be perverseand unpredictable. Women who respond well to Ignatia are often artistic.

Remedy follows well: Natrum mur.

35 Ipecac.

None in particular.

Remedy follows well :Cuprum, Arnica.

36 Kali carb. K

Those who benefit most from Kali carb. Tend to be sallow-skinned, physically weak, flabby and flat-footed; they are often depressed, dogmatic, inclined to see issues as black or white and have a strong sense of duty ; bookkeeping, translating , the law and police work tend to attract the Kali carb . type.

Remedy follows well : Carbo veg.

37 Lachesis L

Lachesis is especially effective in people who are tremulous, rather bloated in appearance and in need of relief from nervous over-stimulation; many such people also have red hair and freckles.

Remedy follows well: Crotalus, Lycopodium, Hepar sulph.

38 Ledum

None in particular.

39 Lycopodium

The Lycopodium type usually has a handshake which is so firm that it hurts , and a haughty, unfriendly air; other characteristics are leanness, a stopping posture anda un healthy sallow skin, often with many lines and wrinkles. Such people tend to gravitate towards politics, teaching, the law and the priesthood.

Remedy follows well : Calcarea, Sulphur.

40 Magnesia phos. M

Magnesia phos. Is most beneficial to people who are thin, dark, nervous, tired , and exhausted.

Remedy follows well: (None).

41 Mercurius.

The Mercurius type is usually light-haired, with slow speech and slow, rather drugged reactions .

Remedy follows well: Badiaga, Sulphur

42 Natrum mur. N

Natrum mur. Is of most benefit to people of squarish build who tend to walk on their heels; they may be sandy - or dark-haired, but often have greasy skin and a cracked lower lip; although they appear deliberate and self-assured, they can be inward-looking and vulnerable. Skinny children with hard, nodular lymph glands also respond well to Natrum mur.

Remedy follows well : Apis , Sepia, Thuja.

43 Natrum sulph.

Natrum sulph. is especially indicated for people who are pale, tired, ill-looking, and

who are sensitive and have been hurt many times.

Remedy follows well: Arsenicum, Thuja.

44 Nux .

Several physical types respond well to Nux, although self-reliance, efficiency and a liking for hard work tend to be common characteristics, which explains why many Nux types are managers, supervisors, or entrepreneurs. Some Nux types are well groomed, hearty, and full of life, others slouch as if they have been up all night; many are thin, prematurely bald, suffer from indigestion and irascibility , and aspire to the finer things of life; complexion may be dry , lined and sallow , with rings under the eyes.

45 Opium. O

None in particular.


46 Phosphoric ac. P

Phosphoric acid, has most affinity with children or young people who are growing fast and becoming thin and gangly . It is also indicated in people whose constitution , originally strong, has been undermined by a particularly virulent illness, by excessive loss of body fluids, or by grief or depression. Most Phosphoric ac. Types have a mild, yielding temperament .

47 Phosphorus

Phosphorus is most appropriate in thin children who are tall for their age, delicate and desperate for reassurance; if they appear to stare, it is often because they are scared, Adults who respond bet to Phosphorus are usually well-proportioned and have a fine skin which blushes easily, but may be dark or fair, with a coppery tinge to the hair; they are intelligent gregarious and sometimes artistic, but their passion tend to be shortlived and regretted afterwards; they are drawn towards selling , politics and humanitarian endeavours.

Remedy follows well : Arsenicum, Allium, Lycopodium Silicea.

48 Phytolacca

None in particular.

49 Pulsatilla

Children who are small, fair, fine-boned, bright and cheerful, but also shy and sensitive and blush easily respond well to Pulsatilla . So do slightly plumper,darker, more languid children who crave affection but find it difficult to give . Adults who are shy, gentle, fair skinned or fair-haired, and rather plump also benefit from Pulsatilla. The Pulsatilla type is easily led, easily moulded and rather changeable.

Remedy follows well: Coffea, Nux , Chamomilla.

50 Rhus tox. R

None in particular, beyond a lack of flexibility in mind and body

Remedy follows well: Bryonia, Calcarea carb., Phytolacca.

51 Ruta

None in particular.

Remedy follows well : Calcarea phos.

52 Sepia S

Those who respond best to Sepia tend to be tall, lean and narrow hipped, with soft facial features , dark hair, brown eyes, shadows under the eyes, and a sallow complexion (sometimes with a yellow-brown saddle across the nose and cheeks). Although they look tired and low-spirited, they perk up with exercise. Women going through the menopaus also respond well to Sepia.

Remedy follows well : Natrum mur., Phosphorus, Nux.

53 Silicea

Silicea is of most benefit to children who are puny and lacking in stamina, especially if they have a rather large, sweaty head, delicate skin, sandy hair , blue eyes and small hands and feet . Such children tend to be very lively and friendly , angels if managed properly but devils if they are not, Intellectual adults also benefit from it.

Remedy follows well : Thuja, Sanicula, Pulsatilla, Fluoric ac.

54 Spongia

Spongia is most effective in people who are light- haired, blue - eyed, leanand rather dried-up looking. It is especially good if tuberculosis or chest complaints run in the family.

Remedy follows well : Aconite, Hepar sulph.

55 Staphisagria

Those who benefit most from Staphisagria tend to suppress their emotions, especially when they are in love. Though mild and gentle on the surface, there is often great emotional turmoil underneath .

Remedy follows well : Causticum , Colocynth.

56 Sulphur

Sulphur is most beneficial to people who have small, red-rimmed eyes and long lashes, a rather dirty -looking complexion, a lean body and stooping shoulders .It nay also be appropriate for small, scrawny individuals , or for those are ruddy-faced and full-bodied. The Sulphur type also tends to be egotistical, a would -be intellectual, a dabbler in philosophy.

Remedy follows well : Aconite, Aloe, Nux, Psorinum.

57 Tarentula T

None in particular.

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