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My Days of the Unicorn
I remember when the unicorns
came in herds through the meadow
behind the family castle, and how they would
slowly pause, tilting their jewelled
horns to the falling sun as we shared
the tensions of private property
and the need to be free.

Or as we walked along the castle gardens
a solitary delicate beast
might follow on his soft paws
until we turned and spoke the words
to console him.

It seemed they were always near
ready to show their eyes and stare
us down, standing in their creamy
skins, pink tongues out
for our benevolence.

As if they knew that always beyond
and beyond the ladies were weaving them
into their spider looms.

I knew where they slept
and how the grass was bent
by their own wilderness
and I pitied them.

Now i have open my castle and
lands to the wonderful animals
that can heal a soul and make
a person smile..they have been
a part of my soul since a child
now my home is as one with them
Words By
for my Sister
Queen Unicorn
Hugss and Loves you Sissy


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