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Jennah Carter


Quote:  "Congratulations on your claim of this Domain.  I have seen thirteen Princes before you.  I'm likely to see thirteen more."

Concept:  Jennah appears to be nothing more than another feral beast stalking the wild places and worthless barrens.  She revels in her animalistic appearance and is militantly unaligned.  She is often found, however, stalking the edges of court, debating mercilessly for the "rights of the individual" and attempting to band other unaligned Kindred together.  She roams from coterie to coterie, creating loosely formed packs and making desperate grabs for power and territory in their names.

Rumors:  Many say Jennah has been around since the inception of the city.  It is thought she held the Omaha territory before any other Kindred arrived, but never had the skills to grasp it firmly once others became involved.  Some members of the Invictus claim she is a "walking Masquerade breach" and have been petitioning the new Prince for her exile or destruction.  She does seem to work in opposition to the Prince, but for some reason, he seems to tolerate her actions.  There is talk among the Carthians that Jennah and the Prince have a history together unknown to anyone else in the city.

Equipment:  Jennah is often seen wearing the same, dirt-encrusted outfit.  She rarely bothers to wear shoes even in cold weather, and carries a over-stuffed knapsack that she never lets out of her sight.