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I personally think that is the best website out there. They are the most visited website in the whole world with 3 billion page hits a day. Now that is A LOT of hits.

Now, the reason why Yahoo is the most visited website is because they offer almost all the services you can find on the Internet. Games, magazines, movies, television, news, shopping, maps, photos, yellow pages, music, sports, personal ads, web hosting, Email, instant messaging, and MUCH more. They have made millions of dollars as they are very successful.

They have the best Email you can find. You receive a message as soon as it is sent. You can also customize your mail box and change the way it looks to fit your greedy needs. Plus, the Messenger they provide is awesome. It has lot's of feature such as games, sending files, voice chat, and group chats.

They also provide the best Internet you can get. SBC YAhoo! DSL is arguably the best Internet. It is super fast and has very good spam and virus protection.

,p> In conclusion, I can't grade Yahoo!. It is the best website out there so it is obviously not able to be graded. However I give it an A ++++++++++++.


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