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Okay, basically Gamefaqs is arguably one of the best sites out there. It is filles with TONS of FAQs, walkthroughs, cheats, codes, cheat codes, message boards, contribution pages, alerts, reviews, previews, and prices for Video Games.

The content (and it's quality) on Gamefaqs, is supreme. It can't be beat. You will not find such great stuff on such an easy website besides Gamefaqs.

Their message boards are always filled with great topics and becoming a member is fun! It is also a very fast website when it comes to loading. It loads very quickly and it is rarely malfunctioning. And the thing is, it run by only one guy, Jeff "CjayC" Veasey.

Above everything, I give an A+++ as a final grade. Keep on going gamefaqs.

Cool things about GameFaqs


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