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the members of Placebo
Placebo formed: London, England 1994
current Placebo members: Brian Molko (vocals, guitar) | Stefan Olsdal (bass) | Steven Hewitt (drums)
Placebo's sound: alt-glam-britpop- punk-goth-electro-ish rock
Placebo albums: Placebo | Without You I'm Nothing | Black Market Music | Sleeping With Ghosts | Once More With Feeling | Meds

Placebo's official website: Placeboworld
-latest band news-

1/04/07 re-release of Meds

1/04/07 first 2007 Tour Date

more Placebo news here


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site created: 10/17/01
designed & maintained by: deementia
last updated: 01/05/07
email deementia at: dreamplacebo@yahoo.com

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